Friday, January 06, 2012

Unmarked tope

10AM - Unmarked tope!
MsTioga and The Team have headed out from El Chaco and are going to the City of Tepic. This is shopping trip. We like to visit the big stores in Tepic.

On the way up the mountain, we came to an unmarked tope! Usually topes [speed bumps] are painted and/or signed. This tope completely surprised me. It was almost camoflaged. I jammed on MsTioga's brakes! Too late! We went over the tope too fast.

The top of the dresser/cabinet in the bedroom was knocked off. Every battery in the battery bank was off kilter! Big bad bummer!

It took about half an hour to get everything back together again!

5PM - More about topes!
My little post about a tope has generated some interest. Messages are arriving in both ShoutBox and email. So, here is a bit more info about topes. Pronounced: "toe-pay".

Topes come in many different ways. There are topes that must be crossed at less than 1 mile per hour in order to keep from jarring your vehicle. Some may be crossed at 15 miles per hour with no harmful effects. Some topes are constructed by individuals in front of their house. Sometimes a bunch of topes will be built one after another. Maybe 50 or more. These may be described as vibradores [vibrators].

I have come across a tope in the middle of nowhere. No intersection. No nothing. Suddenly there's a tope. Why is it there? Hmmmm?

The tope that attacked me today was not marked with paint. Maybe the paint wore off over time and nobody bothered to maintain it. I had driven on this road to Tepic hundreds of times. Sometimes a tope that never got you before will vengefully strike you. You never know!

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