Friday, January 27, 2012


9AM - Warning!
My friend Jonna lives in Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. In her blog, Jonna describes the Dengue fever that she is suffering. Not knowing what Dengue is, I looked it up. It's a tropical mosquito borne disease.

Oh my God! Is Dengue prevalent in Guatemala City where I am going? I looked it up in Google. Yes! Dengue is prevalent in Guatemala City! For an instant I was frightened! Then I wondered if Dengue is right here where I am in Puerto Vallarta. Yes! Dengue is here in Puerto Vallarta! Dengue is also in Miami, Florida and a lot of other places too.

Last year as I was driving around in Northern California, I observed that there are posted a lot of new signs that warned, "Tsunami Hazard Zone. In case of earthquake, go to high ground or inland". Hmmmm? How am I to going to keep track of this warning?

Any day now I expect to read a new warning that reads:
Warning: Bad news for food users!

1PM - Going toward Guadalajara
MsTioga pulled out of our camp at Tacho's RV Park in Puerto Vallarta. We are heading toward the big City of Guadalajara. The highway that we have been traveling on goes up several hundred meters then down several hundred meters. Up and down. Up and down. I needed a nap and MsTioga needed a rest.

We came to a sign that stated, "Rest stop ahead". We pulled in and I am resting at a place where somebody is selling land. There are seven lots for sale way out in the middle of nowhere!

If you want to see where MsTioga is resting, click [here].

4PM - Staying in hotel
MsTioga came to the Town of Mascota. There is an old hotel there named "La Puerta De Enmedio". We thought maybe to rent space for MsTioga in the spacious yard. The cost for space is 200 pesos and the cost for a room is 300 pesos. So, we took the room!

The grounds of the hotel are actually quite nice. From the kitchen of our room we see the expanse of lawn and the pond.
View of garden from kitchen door

Clear sky