Monday, February 06, 2012

Bus Mexico

6AM - Bus to Mexico City
It is here! The day we begin our Guatemala Adventure! The bus that takes us to Mexico City heads out of Tequisquiapan at 9:30am.

This morning after completing MsTioga's closing stuff, we take the food from Mr. Dometic's freezer and walk it over to Raul and Chela's home where they will find a family that can use this food. Raul has offered to drive us to the bus station.

By the way. The TiogaRV Team members going on the Guatemala Adventure are: MacBook Computer, New Mavicita (camera) and Jorge.

1PM - Ramada Aeropuerto Hotel
We have arrived at the Ramada Aeropuerto Hotel. The bus trip was sooooo comfortable. The movie showing during the bus trip was, "Secretariat". One of my most favorite movies!

My hotel room is nicely decorated in bright red and black. The king size bed is big enough for three people. I have already tested out the shower, and it has hot water. The air conditioning is heating up the room only a tiny bit. Could be a lot warmer. Might have to ask for help with the heat.
My bed at the Ramada

3PM - Changed rooms!
I am getting soooooo picky in my old-age! The hotel sent two different people to see if I would settle for a room that had a heater that did not heat. Finally, after the hotel's maintenance people messed with the heater controls without success, they offered me another room.

Guess what? The heater in the new room works great! The new room looks very similar to the old room. So the pic above still applies.

Right now I am typing at you from the hotel's restaurant. I've ordered grilled salmon.

9PM - Constitution Day
Today is a national holiday in Mexico. It is Constitution Day. Government buildings are closed. Not a good day for sight seeing in Mexico City. Mañana will be a better day. We have a plan for mañana.

Mostly cloudy