Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Centro Historico

6AM - Centro Historico
We are off this morning bound for Centro Historico. This is the Center of the Historical District located at Plaza Juarez.

Did you know that Mexico City has a subway? It is called the "Metro" and is the 2nd largest subway system in North America after the New York Subway. We are hoping to take the Metro from the neighborhood of Ramada Aeropuerto Hotel where we are staying to Plaza Juarez!

Mexico City Metro
This story is about our visit to the Mexico City subway that is called, "El Metro".

At about 8am, we walked from the Hotel Ramada Aeropuerto to El Metro's "Terminal Aerea" station which is only about a 5-minute walk.
Ramada Hotel view from overpass

The first thing that we had to do upon entering the station was buy a ticket. I was blown away when the agent told me that an entrance ticket to El Metro costs 3 pesos [23 cente US]. The agent handed me a small Metro map which proved invaluable for making my way. I had to transfer three times, and had not one bit of trouble knowing where I was and where to go. El Metro's signs are very well laid out. I never got lost!
Our first Metro train

We were very surprised to learn that El Metro rides on rubber tires!
Rubber tires!

We boarded El Metro at the beginning of the "5 Line" and there were very few passengers aboard. However, after passing a few stations, the car was packed.
Few passengers at the first station

Metro packed after a few stations

When we transferred from one Metro line to another, we found that El Metro is very clean and well illuminated with wonderful signage so that we never got lost.
Wonderful station signs

Even food service restaurant inside the station!
Domino's Pizza inside station