Saturday, February 04, 2012


7AM - Countdown to Guatemala
As you may imagine, this countdown to Guatemala that we on the TiogaRV Team are experiencing is making us all breathless with excitement. However, even with Guatemala on the horizon, we continue to be doing really neat things!

Yesterday Pete and Jimena drove over to pick me up to go on a shopping trip for their casita's bathroom. The casita is a small guest house that they built in the rear corner of their property. Cruz the plumber is coming over soon to complete the bathroom. They bought a toilet with matching pedestal sink including faucets. Also shower fixtures. I have not experienced a shopping trip like this one in years, because MsTioga does not have those kinds of plumbing things.

After the shopping trip, we drove over to Richard and Marta's for a visit. You may recall that we made a video interview of how Richard met Marta [link]. Richard and Marta just moved from their home in central Tequisquiapan to a much larger home about a mile away next to Centennial Dam. [Sorry that I did not bring New Mavicita to take pics of this lovely home.]

It has two stories, both of which look out on a grass covered garden with lots of flowers and fruit trees. The top story also has a view of the lake and gorgeous sunsets! A very important feature of this new home for Richard is that it has off-street parking!

8AM - Washing clothes
This morning MsTioga is driving over to our favorite lavanderia here in Tequisquiapan. We want to have our clothes washed in order to have everything clean for the Guatemala adventure.

Afterwards, we will drive to the the Santillan neighborhood north of Tequis where Pete and Jimena live. We will schmooze around with them while waiting for the bathroom plumbing fixtures to be delivered.

Did I mention that all of us are invited to a BBQ party tomorrow [Sunday]? I do not know who is throwing this party. But I sure am happy to be invited!

Clear sky