Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feels like home

9AM - Feels like home
Up out of bed late this morning. New Mavicita and I feel no compulsion to be doing things every second. Later is good enough here! Because Panajachel where we are living feels like home. And what a gorgeous home it is too!

After bathing in a hot shower, we intend to stroll up the hill for breakfast to the same place as yesterday. Edgar's "Variedades Dayana" restaurante. I like his pancakes!

It turns out that the restaurant is actually named, "Comedor Jose". The people in the restaurant told me this morning that Variedades Dayana was the name of the store before the restaurant moved in. I guess that taking down old signs is not important here in Guatelmala.

After breakfast, we are going down to the harbor to check on the times the ferry crosses Lake Atitlán.

We are in Guatemala!
Many readers only tune-in to our blog once in awhile. So we want to let you know that we are now in Guatemala! TiogaRV Team members here are New Mavicita, MacBook Pro and Jorge.

MsTioga and the rest of The Team are in Tequisquiapan, Mexico, waiting patiently for us to return.

12 Noon - First boat ride!
After breakfast we caught a tuk-tuk taxi down to Embarcadero Tzanjuyu. Only small passenger boats called "lanchas" leave from here to take people to various places on Lake Atitlán. The cost to ride a lancha for locals is 5 quetzales. For touristas it is 10 to 20 quetzales.

When I discussed the price hike for tourists with local people, they laughed and thought it was a funny thing.
Embarcadero Tzanjuyu

A few minutes after our lancha left the embarcadero, we passed a multi-story green building which appears to be a hotel. We did not know what this building was. However, Reader and ShoutBox poster Oxfer identifed the building as, "Hotel La Riviera de Atitlán".
Hotel La Riviera de Atitlán

After we were on the water about 20 minutes, the boat pulled into the embarcadero of Santa Cruz La Laguna. The road to the Town of Santa Cruz climbs steeply up the hill. So, I caught a tuk-tuk taxi up the winding road to the Center of Santa Cruz.
Embarcadero Santa Cruz

Tuk-tuk taxi went up this winding road

Santa Cruz La Laguna
We came to a place where the tuk-tuk taxi driver stopped. He told me that this was the center of town. I got out and paid him. It was only after I was standing there that I figured out that the road went higher up the hill. That was where most of the people lived. I would have liked to go up that hill to see what was up there!

Anyway, looking around I saw a building that appeared to have a restaurant inside. The building did contain a restaurant. The restaurant's kitchen was also a cooking school for local students. There were about 10 students inside studying their craft. I ordered a limonada and a piece of carrot cake. The cake was very fresh and very good!

There appears to be not too much commercial enterprise going on in Santa Cruz La Laguna. I chatted with some people in the restaurant and with some of the cooking school students. Then caught a tuk-tuk back down to the embarcadero.

There is a diving school at the embarcadero. Hard to believe that a business like this could survive here. There are also a few hotels here too. One hotel had a restaurant with about 10 customers!

In about 10 minutes, a lancha arrived for my trip back to Panajachel. 
View of embarcadero Santa Cruz from the diving school

Scattered clouds