Monday, February 27, 2012

Into the black

Out of the blue & into the black!
Last Saturday evening I was in the D'Noz Restaurante eating delicious, plump, fried shrimp. Suddenly the restaurant's lights flickered! Then, all of the lights in the entire Town of San Pedro La Laguna went black! When the lights went black, all of the WiFi internet went black too.

I thought that surely electric power would be restored during the following day. But Sunday ended with San Pedro La Laguna remaining blacked out. Candles were used to keep a little bit of light on stairs. But other than candles, the town was completely black.

I went to sleep around 8pm Sunday nite. There was nothing else to do! When in bed, I turned off my flashlight. The room was pitch black. I could not see anything!

At around 2am Monday morning, I woke up and went up to the hotel's roof. There was no Moon. And since there were also no lights, every star in the nite's sky was visible. I could not identify even one constellation at this latitude. All of the familiar constellations must be far to the north. I thought that I saw a little bit of Orion. But if it was Orion, it soon disappeared.

8AM - Returned to Panajachel
When dawn on Monday came, I decided to return to Posada Don Carlos in Panjachel. Nobody in San Pedro La Laguna knew when electricity would be restored. It could be days? Weeks? Hmmmm?

I am typing this post to you from Room #7 in Posada Don Carlos. So happy to be online again!

2PM - 9th Anniversary forgotten!
In the rush of days brought on by our trip to Guatemala, the 9th anniversary date of February 25th has been forgotten. On that day in 2003, MsTioga and I met for the very first time in the City of Manteca, California.

It has been, and continues to be, a great adventure. Yes! I forgot to commemorate February 25th this year with a post about MsTioga and myself celebrating 9 years together. However, in January of this year, we did take a header pic together on La Playa de Matanchen in Nayarít, Mexico.

And what a marvelous pic it is, don't you agree?
Celebrating nine years together

Light scattered clouds