Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lake trips

6AM - Lake trips
Early this morning I'm taking a couple of lake trips in boat-taxis. Fantastic going on Lake Atitlán in the early morning. The water is smooth and the boats move across the lake with no bumping.

There are homes along the shore that are rich, beyond Guatemala. Some with tended green grass. Somebody has brought their version of the USA to this tropical lake. New Mavicita may be able to capture some green grass home pics to share with you this morning!

We are returning to Posada Don Carlos in Panajachel to pack up our stuff and return to San Pedro La Laguna. Two early as possible boat trips while the water is calm and smooth.

1PM - Back in Hotel San Antonio
New Mavicita wanted to take pics of gorgeous homes along the shore of Lake Atitlán. Homes with lovely green lawns for you to see! However, the taxi-boats did not travel close to the lake shore. So, New Mavicita was unable to capture these house views.

On returning from Panajachel to San Pedro La Laguna, we had to spend quite a bit of time using Skype to talk to our bank. It seems that an ATM which did NOT dispense any cash to me, charged my bank account anyway. Weird, but it actually happened! The bank began a claim to straighten out this sad matter.

There is a "lake side walk" near our hotel. New Mavicita and I are now going to stroll together on this walk to see what we may see!

5PM - Walk report
New Mavicita and I walked past Hotel San Antonio's sign and up the dirt path. The path went left and right, left and right. We walked about 15 minutes, and came to where the path was close to Lake Atitlán.
Hotel signs

The path

Dirt path meets Lake Atitlán

Getting really hungry!
By this time I was getting really hungry and needed food. About five minutes later along this tiny path we came upon "Cafe Atitlán. A life saver!! Only the cook and her baby were in the cafe. She gave me a menu and I ordered a bowl of Azteca Soup which came with corn chips and guacamole.
Nice wall sign

Azteca soup

Cafe Azteca - Nice room with nice view
The restaurant is built on the 3rd story of a building and looks down at the lake. This is a very nice room with a wonderful view!

Mysterious and intriguing music wafted about the room. I bet that you would enjoy Cafe Azteca as much as New Mavicita and I enjoyed being there.
Cafe Azteca

View from my cafe table

Partly cloudy