Sunday, February 05, 2012


6AM - Lightning strikes
MsTioga and The Team drove over from our Nite Camp to the view point behind the Soriana store. From this high elevation, we may see over the valley all the way to the mountains in the south. Some lightning strikes are still coming from the little storm that passed thru here last nite. We like to look at lightning!

7AM - All packed up
Yesterday evening we began packing the small flight bag for our Guatemala Adventure. Right now we are pretty much all packed up. All that remains is to double check that we have not forgotten some important item!

This morning at 10:30am, Jimena and Pete will drive over to MsTioga's Day Camp. MsTioga will follow Jimena and Pete over to Art-Jim Barker's home in central Tequisquiapan. You may recall that MsTioga is staying at Art-Jim's house for the month of the Guatemala Adventure.

BBQ Party
This afternoon Pete and Jimena and I are invited to a BBQ Party! I was going to bring a flower gift to the party. But some urge grabbed hold of me and instead I am bringing this scrumptious looking cake!
My party gift

9AM - Shutting down MsTioga
We are making a few changes for shutting down MsTioga during the Guatemala trip:

  • Oil to keep toilet valve from drying out. We have had problems with water in the toilet bowl evaporating. When the flapper valve dries out, it leaks for awhile. To prevent this drying out and subsequent leaking, we are putting a small amount of cooking oil in the bottom of the toilet bowl.
  • Disconnecting TriStar battery charge controller. We have had solar battery bank cells dry out to the point of exposing plates. To prevent this drying out, we are disconnecting the battery charge controller from the solar panel input voltage.
  • Engine compartment house battery will be disconnected.
In the past when going away on trips, we always disconnected the engine starting battery. Also, we always turned off the refrigerator, removed all food, cleaned the fridge and left the fridge doors blocked open.

11AM - A tree blocks the way!
When MsTioga tried to drive into the parking place at Arthur-Jim's home, a tree limb blocked the way! That limb must be removed! Raul's home where we are going to have the BBQ party is just down the road from Arthur-Jim's house. Jimena drove down there and asked Raul for help.

Luckily, Raul has a chain-saw at a home that he is building at the outskirts of Tequisquiapan. Raul and I drove together to this home to retrieve the chain saw.
Raul saws limb while Jorge holds ladder

This is MsTioga's parking place at Arthur-Jim's home

5PM - BBQ story
After MsTioga was tucked in to her parking place, we all went down to Raul and Chela's home for the BBQ party. First thing, Jimena and Chela went off to bring back snacks. Then we all sat around a table in Raul and Chela's backyard drinking and eating snacks while Chela prepared a delicious guacamole dip.

After that, Chela marinated a bunch of different meats. Pieces of tuna steak, chicken, pork ribs, pork chops were then wrapped in aluminum foil to prepare for the BBQ.
Raul did the BBQing

Everybody at the table eating the cake
(Raul, Chela, Pete, Jerry, Jimena & Arthur-Jim)

6PM - Big rain and hail storm
The sky was clouding up! We all knew that a storm was coming. Everybody left to escape the storm. But I decided to stay awhile in order to talk with Raul and Chela.

Then the storm hit. Wow! First rain. Then a bit of wind and rain. Then small hail stones! The backyard got a bit flooded. Rain leaked thru the roof. And outside the street was like a lake!

After the rain pretty much stopped, I walked up the street to check out how MsTioga was doing. My shoes got a bit wet because there actually was a lake out there on the street. MsTioga did pretty good in the storm. No leaks could be found coming from MsTioga's roof.

Mr. Levelers tipped himself up so that MsTioga now leans to one side preventing a rain water build up on her roof.

Mostly cloudy