Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Loving Mexico

10AM - Loving Mexico!
MsTioga and I have something to confess to you. We are loving Mexico! From the climate to the serenity. Mexico is one fine place to be living. We do not completely comprehend why some people fear Mexico. Yes, there is some crime here. Yes, MsTioga and I made some mistakes camping in the wrong places which resulted in those robberies. But since that time of the robberies, we have been much more careful about where we camp. And things have been going great for us.

Now we are in Tequisquiapan visiting with our friends, Pete and Jimena. The Sun is out. It is T-shirt and short pants weather. In a little while Pete and I are walking down to visit a house that Pete is responsible for doing the contracting. Pete has a tremendous amount of experience doing construction, both back in Louisiana and here in Mexico. I love to listen to him talk about the homes he has built here in Mexico.

Guatemala trip
Yesterday afternoon, Jimena made a phone call to a friend who lives here in Tequisquiapan. This friend lives on a lot that is big enough to park MsTioga. We are going to visit the friend later on today for introductions and to see the place where MsTioga will be staying while we are in Guatemala!

6AM - Arthur Jim Barker
MsTioga will be staying at Art Jim Barker's home in central Tequisquiapan. Art Jim has an unused parking spot there that is perfect for MsTioga!
Arthur Jim and Jimena at parking spot

Light clouds