Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moving San Pedro

1AM - Moving to San Pedro!
I've been vacillating back and forth on making a decision to leave Panajachel and move across Lake Atitlán to San Pedro La Laguna. But then the fates conspired against me when I came across a story about Hotel San Antonio. In fact, I walked right past this hotel yesterday and did not walk in to take a peek. Because it looked much too expensive. However, according to this story, $7US will get you a private room with cable TV and WiFi internet!

I think that tomorrow, Wednesday morning, I'll be heading across the lake again and this time with all of my stuff. But first, I am going back today simply to take a closer look. Might spend a whole day in San Pedro. And for sure try and secure a room at Hotel San Antonio!

Do you see the pic below? I swiped it off of the story that I wrote about above. The pic shows the courtyard of Hotel San Antonio. Looks pretty? Doesn't it?
Hotel San Antonio
San Pedro La Laguna

9AM - Got a room!
My boat-taxi ride across Lake Atitlán was special because this taxi stopped at nearly every dock along the way. All my other taxi trips across the lake were direct. This local taxi traveled close to shore. We passed such gorgeous homes! Just beautiful!

When we arrived at the San Pedro dock, I walked over to the Hotel San Antonio instead of taking a tuk-tuk taxi. The hotel is only about a five minute walk from the dock. And although I was carrying enough stuff to stay here overnite, my backpack was not too heavy.

A young woman sweeping the driveway asked me if I was looking for a room. We both walked toward the office and I asked the clerk if rooms were available. "Yes!", a room on the 2nd floor is available. We both walked up the winding staircase to take a peek.

Everything works. The shower has hot water. The TV has a nice pic. The bed is firm.

Guess how much the rent is? 60 quetzales/nite [$7.80US]. Double wow with sugar on it!.
At the table in front of my room

My room!

4PM - Hummas-Ya
I am sitting in an outdoor restaurant named "Hummas-Ya". This eating place is located in front of my Hotel San Antonio. It is an Israeli style restaurant, serving many items found in the restaurants of Israel. I believe that the owner of Hummas-Ya is Israeli, because her menu is written in Spanish and Hebrew!

I'm here because the restaurant has a covered patio, and while sitting at at table, I am out of the afternoon's Sun. This is a very pleasant place. Very peaceful. Only rarely does a vehicle drive by. Mostly pedestrians.

Below is the menu board for Hummas-Ya.

Partly cloudy