Friday, February 10, 2012

No reservations

No reservations!
This morning we are heading out from Guatemala City and bound for the City of Antigua, 38 km to the west. We have engaged Samuel the taxi driver to take is to Antigua. You may recall that Samuel gave us the good advice not to stay at the Uxlabil hotel. And Samuel found Hotel Carillón for us too!

You may be surprised to learn that we have no reservations for a place to stay in Antigua. In the past we have always found that when we made reservations, another better place has always been found. The place where we want to stay likely does not advertise prominently on the net. So, we are going to Antigua this morning and with Samuel the taxi driver's help, we will look around for a room.
Samuel the taxi driver
64 years old-lives in Guatemala City

Highway to Antigua

10AM - Posada de Don Quijote
Just as suspected, the good and reasonably priced hotels are a bit hard to find by searching the internet. However, the hotels that are easy to find on the net are highly priced and completely booked!

Samuel drove around Antigua and talked with other taxi drivers that he knew. I went into several hotels. The popular hotels were all priced in US dollars and had prices from $80+ per nite. We came to a neighborhood with smaller hotels and found Posada de Don Quijote!

My room is small and is on the 2nd floor. There is a king size bed with a firm mattress. I like that. The room has a refrigerator. There are two common area bathrooms. The bathroom close to my room has a very nice shower with hot water. The hotel has WiFi, which I am using right now while inside my room.

I guess that you are wondering about the price? Yes? It is 100 Quetzales per nite [$12.80US]

2PM - Lunch
Reader Lazybeacher suggested eating at Doña Luisa's Restaurante. So, we walked over there. First got a map of Antigua from the hotel. Easy to get lost without a map!

Doña Luisa's is famous, according to Diane, the front desk clerk at the hotel. Most of the tables were filled. I ordered a roast beef sandwich which came with a salad, a bowl of corn soup and a glass of jamaica juice. Pretty good! [$4.90US]
Roast beef sandwich

Partly cloudy