Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Panajachel room

7AM - My room in Panajachel
My room in Panajachel is quite different than my room in Antigua. In Antigua, my room looked out thru a small window on a hallway with a view of the stairs. Here in Panajachel, there two very large windows with drapes. As you may see, the view looks out at the garden with fruit trees and the hills!
Morning view from my room

8AM - Great location!
My room at Posada Don Carlos could not be better. As you may see by clicking on our Nite Camp Location link, we are very close to the center of town. However, we are far away from traffic noise because the Posada is located along a callejon [alley].

Yesterday New Mavicita took a pic of this callejon. When I am standing in the callejon with my arms outstretched, my finger tips are only inches from the walls on either side!
Callejon Santa Elena

10AM - Variedades Dayana
We went walking looking for a restaurant that served breakfast. Going up a street that angled off of Via Principal, we found Variedades Dayana. Owner and cook, Edgar was behind the counter and greeted me. This is a small restaurant with about five tables.

I ordered pancakes which are pronounced "pahn-cah-kays". Scrambled eggs and coffee. My breakfast was delivered quickly. I was surprised that the pancakes were such a very high quality! Made with Gold Medal pancake mix. In the pic below, one pancake is missing. I already ate it before New Mavicita captured this pic.
Variedades Dayana Restaurante

Owner/cook Edgar

Breakfast! Cost=15Q [$1.95US]
Including 2-cups good coffee

1PM - At the muelle
We took a tuk-tuk [motorcycle 3-wheel taxi] down to the muelle [dock]. New Mavicita became immediately enthralled by the view of the several volcanoes on the other side of Lake Atitlán.

New Mavicita took pano pics using three different aperture settings and liked the one below best.
Lake Atitlán and her volcanoes

2PM - Lidia, child sales girl
Down at the muelle [dock], tourists are hit constantly by people selling everything from tamales to ear rings. I was particularly taken by Lidia, child sales girl. Lidia is a talented seller. At only 8 years old, she knows how to never take "No" for an answer.

I asked Lidia if she would be interested in earning some quetzales by letting me take some pics of her? Lidia was interested! Lidia received 5 quetzales [65 centsUS] for the pics. A good price here in Panajachel. Especially for an 8 year old. However, pressing on to the max, Lidia asked for the the rest of the coins in my purse! She did not get them.

I noticed that Lidia shifted the basket of trinkets from one arm to the other. "Is the basket heavy?", I asked. Lidia answered, "My arms are tired".
Lidia at the Muelle

Scattered clouds