Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Panajachel vs San Pedro

9AM - Panajachel vs San Pedro #2
It's a tough call comparing Panajachel and San Pedro. I had a pet cat in San Pedro. It seems to me that Panajachel has more things to do. More shops. Yesterday I wanted to buy ear phones for MacBook Computer, and found them quickly in a store on Pana's Santander Street.

San Pedro seems to be a young person's town. Lots of parties. Panajachel is mostly for older folks. There are a lot more people in Panajachel, which means a lot more traffic on the two main streets [Via Principal and Santander]. But I like that! It's exciting seeing all that is going on here in "Pana".

I've got a feeling that when the rainy season begins in a couple of months, the population in San Pedro will dwindle and San Pedro will become very quiet. This may not happen here in Panajachel because a lot of Guatemalans live in Pana all year long.

10AM - Readers like Guatemala
February, 2012 reader visits to our website will go over 100,000. In February, 2011, there were 83,613 visits. We are guessing that Guatemala is a mysterious place in reader's minds and that's why visits grew so much this year. It sure was mysterious for us on the TiogatRV Team!

Maybe readers are attracted to Guatemala because of the low rental costs here? It is pretty easy to find Guatemala hotels for $6US to $10US per nite. However, you will not be able to make advance reservations for rooms in this price range. You must arrive here and then look for a room. Hotels which are easily found on the internet or thru travel agencies, are all comparatively very expensive.

Biking family neighbors
A biking family moved into the Posada Don Carlos in the room next to ours. Reuben and Heidi [Dad and Mom] and their two children, Eden and Harper. They are on a biking journey of many 1000s of kilometers. You may read about this Pedal Powered Family by clicking [here].

This is the 2nd biking family that we have encountered on our travels. You might recall the Tomlinson family whom we met when they stopped in Aticama in January, 2010 [link].
Biking family

Reuben, Heidi, Eden, Harper
Posada Don Carlos - Panachel, Guatemala

4PM - Going for a walk
Whenever we go someplace in Panajachel, we always pass thru the intersection of Via Principal and Santander Street. This intersection is only a few minute's walk from Posada Don Carlos, but far enough away to keep the traffic noise from the hotel.

As you may see in the pic below, Santander Street angles left from Via Principal. Santander contains most of the tourist oriented stores which sell trinkets, clothing, shoes, etc., produced in Guatemala. Much of it by hand.

Santander is closed to traffic right now, so that shoppers may walk along the street. Like a giant mall.
Santander Street angles left

7PM - Atlantis Restaurante
In the Atlantis Restaurante window was advertised gnocchi pasta and it sounded sooooo good  I just had to order it. And, I did. It was pretty good. And there was a TV on showing a soccer game. I like to watch soccer.

For dessert I walked across the street to the Sarita Ice Cream store.....
...... and ordered a banana split.

Scattered clouds