Monday, February 13, 2012


7AM - Panajachel
Where I am staying at the Posada de Don Quijote, they make travel arrangements for guests. I've just made a reservation to go to the Town of Panajachel which is located along the northeast shore of Lake Atitlán [link]. My travel reservation is for tomorrow morning. A micro-bus will come by the hotel at 8am to pick me up. According to Google Maps, the distance from Antigua to Panajachel is 78 km and is a little over an hour's trip.

I do not have a room reservation for a hotel in Panajachel. My plan is to do exactly what I did to find a room here in the Town of Antigua. Use a taxi to go around Panajachel looking for a hotel room that has the right price and all the amenities that I believe are important.

8AM - Doña Luisa for breakafast!
Our hotel, Posada de Don Quijote, serves breakfast each morning as part of their service. However, this morning we are treating ourselves out to breakfast at Doña Luisa Restaurante here in Antigua. Doña Luisa has a reputation of serving an excellent breakfast!

Ahhh! The life of a vagabonding hotel tourist...
View inside Doña Luisa's from my table

Doña Luisa entrance

Price of Moto Cafe burger
Some Readers were blown away by me paying $7.90US for a Moto Cafe burger yesterday. That price included a bottle of Pepsi. Forgot to mention that item.

So, here for comparison, New Mavicita captured the menu board in the Burger King here in Antigua. Yes! Burger King is here too!!

To convert the menu prices which are shown in Quetzales, multiply by .13  For example, a medium sized Whopper Combo is priced at 34.10 Quetzales and would convert to $4.43US.
Burger King menu-Antigua

Note: Clicking the pic makes it bigger so that you may read the menu prices.

4PM - A boy on-the-job
New Mavicita and I were sitting on a bench in Parque Central, when we spotted a very young boy shining shoes. His name is Dominio and he is 7 years old. Dominio is a bit shy, and ducked behind his customer's leg when we captured him working.

Dominio has a charming smile and really knows the business of shining shoes. He gets 3 quetzales [39 cents US] for a shine. Dominio is dressed pretty good. Looks well fed. He has a very nice looking shine box. And another box for him to sit on while doing a shine. These boxes look hand made.

I could not get more of Dominio's story from him.
Dominio-7 year old shoe shine boy in Antigua

Partly cloudy