Friday, February 17, 2012


Improving paradise
I've written to you before about one of the strange mysteries of my life. "How do I know when I have traveled to paradise?" Hmmmm?

Right now I am in Panajachel, Guatemala on the northeastern side of Lake Atitlán. My home in this town is in a little hotel called  "Posada Don Carlos". My room has two king size beds. I sleep in one bed and use the end of the other bed for a desk.

My room has a private bathroom with a big shower that produces enough hot water to make me really happy. The toilet works great. There is a nice bathroom sink.

When I first moved into my hotel room, the storage place for clothes did not have any facility for hangers. In fact, there were no hangers. I asked Alicia, the Dueña of the hotel if she had hangers, and she produced only two. That's all that she had!

Now you may think that hangers are not a very important item in a person's life. Well, for me they are. And I cannot tell you why hangers are important to me. Anyway, I began to shop for hangers here in Panajachel. In Spanish a hanger is called "percha". For three days I asked all over Panajachel if anybody had perchas for sale. Nothing! While wandering around the road above the Buenas Nuevas muelle, I came to an outdoor clothing store. They had tons of perchas. Of course all of the perchas had clothing hanging from them!

"Would you like to sell me six perchas?", I asked. The lady told me, "Yes!" She charged me 8 quetzales for the six plastic hangers [$1.04US]. I was sooooo happy! All of my clothes are now hanging from my newly purchased hangers. Don't they look good hanging there?

Paradise! Wow!
My room with my hangers

PS: Did I mention that my rent is 70/nite? That's 70 Guatemala quetzals. Not US dollars. One quetzal is equal to 13 cents US.

12 Noon - Weng Skyped me!
Weng saw that I was online, and she Skyped me! Don't you love Skype? I love it because it's free. And I love it because I get to look at the person that I am talking to.

As you may imagine from the pic below, it is very cold in Portland, Oregon. That's why Weng is all bundled up! New Mavicita captured Weng's pic by looking at her image on MacBook Pro!

Weng has been posting in her blog pretty much every single day. Take a peek by clicking on Weng's pic link to the right of this post.

Mostly cloudy