Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pete contractor

12 Noon - Pete the contractor
This morning I had a lot of trouble making the first blog post. The signal coming in to our Telcel Banda Ancha WiFi stick is weak. So, I went over to Pete's house and we messed around chewing the fat for a few hours. Then we walked over to the home that he is building for a friend. Pete acts as the contractor for this home. Pete works with the architect/engineer on the plans. While the building is going on, he watches what is going on every single day. Pete supervises the job foreman. He makes sure that all the window openings go in where they should. Makes sure that the wall columns are properly installed. Stuff like that. A contractor must be present every day, according to Pete. Otherwise things go from bad to worse.

In the pic below, New Mavicita took a pano pic of Pete the Contractor on-the-job. Also, further on, is Maselino the job foreman working at the brick pile.
Pete and Maselino on-the-job

4PM - Prensa Centenario
If you recall, MsTioga and The Team love to make a Day Camp above Tequisquiapan's Prensa Centenario [Centennial Dam]. Our Camp is behind the Soriana Grocery Store. This is a very nice, but rarely used brick road. In prior years here in the City of Tequisquiapan, MsTioga stayed at this location a lot. But only for Day Camps.

Prensa Centenario is not full right now. Actually, the dam appears to be 20 feet from the top, which is pretty low for this time of year.

8PM - Banda Ancha confusion
My Banda Ancha Telcel WiFi expires today. So, I went to an Oxxo store where they recharge Telcel. I paid 100 pesos, which was accepted by the Telcel computer terminal.

Later on I received a message on my Banda Ancha that the 100 pesos had been accepted. But then, about 1/2 hour later, I received another message that my Banda Ancha WiFi service would expire soon.

I am confused! I am guessing even though I made a payment to Telcel at the Oxxo store, that Telcel is not acknowledging receipt. If so, I will have to figure out another way to make Blog posts until I go to Guatemala.

Grey-blue sky