Saturday, February 11, 2012

Posada Don Quijote

Posada de Don Quijote
We are staying at Posada de Don Quijote. Posada in Spanish means "inn". And what wonderful Posada it is! Initially, Posada de Don Quijote did not impress me. As you may see in the pic below, this Posada has a very plain entrance. It is surrounded by several other Posadas. Hard to choose one from the other!

However, this Posada is different. The WiFi here at Posada de Don Quijote is the fastest I've encountered in many moons! Like lightning, is this WiFi. Yesterday I spoke with two of my relatives in California using Skype. And it was like they were next door!

Last nite in my room I listened to music on YouTube. I was in a "symphonic" mood and played Edvard Grieg "Peer Gynt", [link] and it was just plain wonderful!.

Between 8am and 10am the Posada serves breakfast to guests. Then I may get to meet some of the people staying here. If you would like to see the Posada's website, click [here]
Posada de Don Quijote

9AM - La Merced
Just a few blocks away from our hotel is La Merced Church which was built in 1548. Wow! That was 464 years ago!

New Mavicita was excited by the morning shadows, and took this pano-pic for you to see.
La Merced built in 1548

Inside La Merced pano

La Merced
View from road to main plaza

11AM - Jorge's shirt of many colors
For most of my life I did not pay much attention to clothes. In recent years that has changed a bit. Flyboy David initiated this change by his purchases of colorful but simple Huichol shirts. My son David added to that change when I inherited many of his shirts which were made of gorgeous material.

Since then, I have had my eye out for shirts made from material which really appeals to me. I do not find it often. This morning in a large store here in Antigua, I found one! The shirt is expensive. 236 Quitzales [$30US]. However, to me it is worth it!
My new shirt

4PM - El Mercado
We have just returned from El Mercado [The Market]. Wow! This place is huge! Shoppers get good prices in El Mercado. I bought a pair of rubber go-ahead shoes for 55 quetzales [$7US] that are priced at 160 quetzales in a regular shoe store.

El Mercado is made up of a zillion stalls. Most of the isles that connect these stalls are only 2 feet wide. When I wanted to leave El Mercado, I was lost! Which way to go? I asked a young woman at one of the stalls which way to leave. After she told me, it took more than 15 minutes to actually find my way out. Wow!

In the pano pic below is a view of the largest room inside El Mercado.
Big room in El Mercado

Scattered clouds