Friday, February 24, 2012

Protecting castle

7AM - Protecting the castle!
Upon awakening and opening our curtains, we saw a beautiful sun-shiny day! So, we opened our door and guess who was there we giving us a morning purr? If you guessed, Pussel E. Cat, you are sooooo smart!

It was now time to read the morning news on MacBook's computer screen. And guess what Pussel did then? Hopped right on to my lap and began gently kneading my leg with his paws. After Pussel got sufficiently warm from sitting on my lap, he went into the doorway to protect the castle.
Pussel protection

8AM - Expanding paradise
I've written to you before about the question of paradise. "How does a person know when they have found paradise?" This is a puzzlement!

Well, we on the TiogaRV Team were thinking about this puzzlement just this morning. [At least the team members here in Guatemala were thinking.] We may now actually have three paradise locations.
  • The Pueblo of Aticama and Playa de Matanchen, Nayarít, Mexico - December to March
  • City of Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, Mexico - April to September
  • Lake Atitlán, Guatemala - Maybe all year long
Of course our paradise universe may still be in the process of expanding! Who can tell when or where a new paradise might spring up? Hmmmmm?

4PM - Selling blankets
Can you imagine selling blankets for a living?

During my walk along the lake this afternoon, three women approached me selling blankets. One of these ladies worked from one spot, her blankets stacked up on the raised sidewalk. She tried to sell to prospects walking passed her along the road. I was standing there watching the boats when this women began to sell to me. She showed me a blanket and offered it for 20Q. When I did not respond, the price came down to 15Q. Then a smaller blanket for 10Q.

The other two women who pitched me were walking along the road. These two carried most of their goods in a bundle balanced on top of their heads. Since I have been in Guatemala, I have seen a ton of women carrying loads on their head like this.

Guatemalan women do not like to have their pics taken. So I dropped behind the woman in the pic below so that she would not see me capturing her image.
Blanket lady

5:30PM - D'Noz for supper
The D'Noz Restaurante posted a menu/ad on the light pole near my hotel. One thing caught my eye. The tuna steak!!. What a wonderful supper for only 45Q [$5.85US]!

The chef at D'Noz is remarkable. Everything to perfection. For desert I ordered a chocolate brownie with almonds inside, a big dollop of chocolate sauce with strawberries, and two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Wow! Like heaven!! It is now 8:15pm and I just arrived back at Hotel San Antonio. What a good time I had. I knew some of the people eating at D'Noz, so that was a good time talking with them.
Menu advertisement
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