Saturday, February 25, 2012


6:30AM - San Pedro's Restaurants
There is no doubt that the main attraction for San Pedro La Laguna's visitors is eating. There are so many interesting restaurants here. And New Mavicita and I have only visited a few of them so far!

Last nite's supper visit to D'Noz has me yearning again for my dessert! I can picture it now in my mind's-eye. A large plate with the yummy brownie, the dollop of chocolate sauce with strawberries, and the two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Apparently D'Noz Chef Dino is responsible for the fantastic Friday food. From now on, I am only eating at D'Noz when Chef Dino is there!

7:30AM - Trip dreams!
A vagabonder such as myself has to be careful about trip dreams. It's sooooo easy to slip out of paradise and find myself on a bus to who-knows-where?

This morning, for no particular reason, I was Google searching for traveling in other Central American countries [link]. Why would I be doing that when right at this moment I am in a Lake Atitlán paradise? Hmmmm?

In the pic below, New Mavicita is looking out of our hotel window this morning.
View from our room's window

9AM - Bank and flowers
Walked up to the ATM at Banrural [local bank] to get some dinero. Banrural is near the big market. When returning, I came upon some flower sellers.

In order to buy flowers, I'd need a flower pot. It just so happened that a little outdoor store across from the flower sellers sold two sizes of flower vases. I bought the smaller flower vase. Then bought a bunch of bright yellow chrysanthemums.
Flowers in their new vase

Mercado street scene
Do you see my mums in the lower right corner?

10AM - Cafe Atitlán
I'm finally getting oriented around San Pedro La Laguna. At first I had to take a tuc-tuc taxi to get around San Pedro. But now I am able to find my way almost anywhere without a tuc-tuc. Besides, I like walking. San Pedro La Laguna is a nice town to walk around. Not too big. Just the right size.

Right now I am at Cafe Atitlán for breakfast. Sitting at my favorite place. The open window looking down at the lake.

12 Noon - The vegetable garden
Remember yesterday I mentioned that MacBook could not "see" an SD card? Well, it turns out that the reason that the SD card is not seen by MacBook is that there are no Windows 7 drivers for SD cards. However, there are Mac OS drivers! So, I uploaded pics using Mac, and then copied the image files to the proper Windows folder.

Anyway, next to the Cafe Atitlán is a very lovely vegetable garden. I am very impressed with there even being a vegetable garden here, because we are at about 2000 meters. Back in California, as I recall, vegetable gardens did not grow at 2000 meters.
Wonderful vegetable garden

5PM - Lovely park
New Mavicita and I went up the hill to the center of San Pedro. Near the mercado, there is a lovely park. We both are very enamored of the shadows near sundown, We decided to take a pano pic of the park.

Just after capturing this pano pic, somebody called my name! "Jorge!", they called out. It was Marta, who works as a cook at "Hummas-Ya", the restaurant in front of our hotel. Marta was in the park with her twin teenage daughters and her son who is about 7 years old.

The girls recently graduated from secondary school and are now working. Pay is very low for young people like these girls. They earn 400 quetzales/month [$52US]. And that's working 12 hours per day, 6 days per week.
Two daughters on left. Marta and friend on right bench

Partly cloudy