Sunday, February 12, 2012

RVing Guatemala

8AM - RVing Guatemala
As you may imagine, I've been comparing hotel traveling vs RV traveling. For me at this time of my life, staying in hotels is no doubt much easier than traveling Guatemala in MsTioga. Are you surprised to see me write this?

Hotel traveling opens up some interesting possibilities. For example, skipping over El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaraugua and flying from Guatemala to Costa Rica. Not that I am actually thinking about Costa Rica on this trip. Just the possibilities.

Of course if MsTioga were here, we would be doing much more exploring than we've been doing lately. My legs and feet have been limiting my daily explorations here in Guatemala. Apparently my lack of walking for several months prior to this Guatemala trip, has me a bit out-of-condition. Aches in my calf muscles especially have shortened my daily explorations. But those aches have been getting smaller each day! I hope to be back in condition and able to take long walks soon without those aches.

While hotel traveling I do not have to be concerned with finding a safe place for MsTioga during the nite. And it is likely much cheaper to travel without MsTioga now. Something that was not true in prior years before gasoline prices went thru the roof.

12 Noon - Best burger in Antigua!
Readers have been emailing us about their favorite restaurants in Antigua. We received several emails about "Moto Cafe" serving the best burger in Antigua. Of course we had to give it a try!

Moto Cafe is in the southern part of Antigua. The main business of Moto Cafe is renting motorcycles and motor scooters. Also arranging for cycle tours. However, owner Dave has a side-business. He has found a local kitchen that prepares his hamburgers for him and delivers them to his store to order! And what wonderful burgers these are!

On the menu Dave lists his burgers as being 1/4 pounders. Well, these burgers are 1/2 pounders. And the meat of his burgers is ground chuck or ground steak. Taste great too! A Moto Burger sells for 62 Quetzales [$7.90US] and comes with really good french fries, lettuce, tomato and onion and the usual dressing. Price includes a bottle of Pepsi.

Owner Dave comes from Portsmouth in the southern part of England. Although Dave has been living in Antigua for 10 years, he still retains his charming English accent. Dave really knows how to make his guests feel welcome!
Moto Cafe in Antigua

Owner Dave-Moto Cafe
Portsmouth, England

1/2 pound Moto Cafe Burger
Best burger in Antigua

8PM - Washing clothes in Antigua
New Mavicita and I just remembered a pic captured across the street from Moto Cafe that we wanted to share with you! There are about 50 lavaderos at one end of the park. A lavadero is a clothes washing sink. It is sort of like a sink with a washboard at the bottom.

We were impressed because there were sooooo many lavaderos, all in a row. In back of the lavaderos is a very large pool of fresh water for washing and rinsing. The fresh water is flowing so that when rinsing your wash, you always rinse in clean water.

In the pic below, a man and wife wash clothes on Sunday afternoon. What better time to do the wash?
Man and wife washing clothes at Antigua lavadero

20% chance of rain