Tuesday, February 14, 2012

World traveler

Will you be my Valentine?

7AM - World traveler
On the 25th of this month will be the 9th anniversary of the day in 2003 that MsTioga and I met in the little Town of Manteca, California. Since that time we have been vagabonding all over the western United States, parts of Canada and pretty much all of Mexico.

There is no doubt that traveling the World has been on my mind lately. The thought about World traveling just crept in there. At first I was not even aware of it myself. But there it is. No getting away from it now.

But what about MsTioga? How could MsTioga fit in with a George who now wants to wander the World searching for adventure? Wow! You never really know what is around the next bend in the road!

8AM - All packed up and ready to go!
It only takes about 10 minutes to pack up. We have one piece of luggage. It is an American Tourister flight bag that I inherited from Son David. He always bought the best quality stuff.

Anyway, the bag is packed and the micro-bus should be arriving at Posada de Don Quijote soon to pick us up. Wow! Off to Panajachel to search for adventure!

The bus arrived to pick me up at 8:10am. The bus holds 12 passengers, including the driver. Every seat was filled. The ride to Panajachel was jerky! The driver either had the gas pedal floored, or the brakes on full. The trip took 2+ hours and we traveled thru many towns and lots of pine forest.
Microbus-every seat filled!

11AM - Hotel Posada Don Carlos
The micro bus arrived in Panajachel and discharged all the passengers in an unknown place. However, I knew where I wanted to go. It was a posada where Andy-The Hobo Traveler had stayed in 2010.

One of those tuk-tuk taxis pulled up and I asked the driver if he knew where Posada Don Carlos was located. He did! So, loading my bag into the tuk-tuk, we took off bouncing along the cobblestone streets. In about 5 minutes we turned from the Principal Road into Callejon Santa Elena. Callejon means "alley" in Spanish. This callejon was very tiny. Only a bit wider than a truck.

The Dueña of Posada Don Carlos is Alicia, a 30 something young woman. Alicia runs the posada, cleans the rooms. In fact does everything. She told me that she likes to do things herself. Rooms are available. And I checked into a nice room upstairs for 70 Quetzales/nite [$9.10US].

Just now Alicia walked by and invited me to eat lunch in the kitchen with her family. It will be ready in 15 minutes! Can you imagine that?

In the pic below, MacBook and I are sitting at an upstairs table typing a post to you. Our room is just behind us. The room is lovely. It has a very nice shower with hot water. A place to store and hang clothes. Two firm beds. When Alicia heard that I like to put my clothes on hangers, she gave me two hangers!
MacBook and Jorge typing a blog post to you!

1PM - Private bathroom!
As I was putting my clothes away, it came to me that I forgot to mention that my room has a private bathroom. Can you imagine that? All this and a private bathroom for 70 Quetzales/nite! Just too much!

4PM - Down by the lake
This afternoon, New Mavicita and I walked down to Lake Atitlán. I ordered a yogurt/fruit bowl. While waiting for the yogurt to arrive, my 8 year old waiter took the pic below.
Jorge at the lake

Scattered clouds