Wednesday, February 29, 2012


7AM - Xela
Reader Suzanne planted the thought of traveling to Xela in my head. Quetzaltenango is the actual name, but it goes by Xela [pronounced Shay-lah]. There is a teeny thorn in going to Xela. I must return to Guatemala City in about a week in order to catch my airplane flight to Mexico City.

Xela is west of Panajachel where I am right now. Guatemala City is east of Panajachel. I would hate to spend several hours on a micro-bus ride from Xela to Guatemala City. I am soooooo spoiled!

Yesterday evening while enjoying the banana split that I wrote to you about, I noticed a travel agency next to the Sarita Ice Cream store and went in there to get info about traveling to Xela. I can book the Xela bus anytime today in order to make the trip tomorrow morning.

9AM - Gear list
Mike from Ohio asked me in ShoutBox for a "gear list" for my Guatemala trip. It's just clothes and personal stuff. Not really special. But, here it is:
  • BART baseball style cap
  • Small flashlight
  • AA batteries
  • 7-underpants
  • 5-T shirts
  • New Mavicita camera
  • 3-pairs socks
  • 4-short sleeve shirts
  • 1-wool long sleeve shirt
  • 2-long pants
  • 1-short pants
  • 1-pair shoes
  • 1--pair slippers
  • 1-pair rubber sandals for shower
  • 1-flight bag [American Tourister]
  • 1-Belly pack
  • 1-electric razor
  • 1-bag with personal care items
  • Medication
  • 1-Backpack bag
That's about it!

10AM - Lorenzetti Hot Water shower head
I do not have any clue how these Lorenzetti shower heads work. But they do! The Lorenzetti shower head is only about 6" tall. However, it delivers a constant stream of hot water!

This morning I took a 10-minute hot shower. The Lorenzetti never quit. I had hot water for all of the time that I was in the shower. How does it do it?

1PM - Jorge the chicken!
I am pretty sure that I've complained to you about myself before. I'm writing about not being forceful when an occasion calls for being forceful. It happened again today, at lunch.

Do you remember when I ate at D'Noz Restaurante in San Pedro La Laguna? That was the evening when electric power went out over there. The D'Noz shrimp were fantastic! Big, plump and many of them. So remembering D'Noz shrimp, I wanted to eat shrimp again today. I chose an eating place on Calle Santander called, Parillada Santander.

The price of fried shrimp at Parillada Santader is 75 quetzales. The price at D'Noz, 45 quetzales. So I expected my shrimp meal here today to be excellent. Because the price was so much higher. I was wrong!

When the Parillada Santander shrimp were delivered, there were only about 1/3 the amount of shrimp compared to D'Noz. The heads of the Parillada Santander shrimp were not detached, but were breaded and fried along with the body of the shrimp. I guess that this was done in order to make the shrimp look bigger? I do not know.

As soon as I saw how the shrimp were prepared and the quantity of shrimp, I knew that I should have refused the meal. But I did not refuse!

For the life of me I do not understand why I have problems sticking up for myself in cases like this.

Note: Readers Castello, Elizabeth and Paul in FL wrote in ShoutBox that when they do not like food in a restaurant, they simply pay and leave. They never send the food back.

Is that what you do too? 

5PM - Booked to Xela
A micro-bus will come to the entrance of Callejon Santa Elena at 6:45am tomorrow morning to pick me up. My hotel, Posada Don Carlos, is a two minute walk down this callejon [alley].

I don't have a room reservation in Xela. Plan to use a taxi to search for rooms, as I have written to you about before.

Do you want to read about Xela [Shay-lah] to find out about this place? Hmmmm? Click [here].

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