Sunday, March 25, 2012

Assisted living Mexico

7AM - Assisted living in Mexico
A couple of days ago an email arrived from Reader Roger who asked for info about assisted living places in Mexico. I had not come across any such places during my travels. However, going online with a Google search found several.

I am guessing that there are a growing number of seniors who find it difficult to afford such care in the United States when they no longer feel comfortable living in their own place.

My search turned up a lot of places offering different levels of senior care. All over Mexico too! Especially in Mexican towns that are popular with ex-pats such as, the Lake Chapala area [Ajijic] and San Miguel de Allende. I even found a place in Rosarito Beach in Baja California!

10AM - Doing our Trip Plan again!
You may recall that we used to do annual trip plans with monthly updates. We stopped doing those monthly updates in September, 2010. That was the month that my Son David died.

Well, this morning I published our 2012 Trip Plan. It is a different format then before. No monthly updates.

Take a peek and you may see for yourself. The Trip Plan link may be found on the Tioga and George Home Page. Every one of our web pages has a Home Page link.

However, you may just click [here] to view Trip Plan today!

11AM - Going online without Mr. Datastorm
Reader fstephens asked in ShoutBox about me posting in the 2012 Trip Plan about not using Mr. Datastorm to go online anymore. This is a very interesting subject!

Mr.  Datastorm was installed on MsTioga's roof in 2003. At that time, there really was no other way to get on to the internet every where that we traveled. And that continued to be true for several years. However, things in the electronic world were making big changes.

We began to see great advances in WiFi technology. Companies such as Verizon in the United States and Telcel in Mexico were attempting to cover everywhere with a WiFi signal. We actually purchased a Verizon WiFi Modem stick in June, 2011, You may read about that by clicking [here].

It became abundantly clear after using the Verizon stick for awhile, that we could get online with this tiny device almost anywhere. And without the huge maintenance issues that accompany the HughesNet/Datastorm system.

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