Friday, March 16, 2012

Body shop

8AM - Body shop
You may recall that MsTioga got her giant fiberglass and paint job in early 2007 [link]. We all knew back then, that MsTioga's cherry condition would not last. Not with Jorge being the driver! And sure enough, that dents and scrapes came. So, from time to time, MsTioga went to the body shop for repairs. [Body shops in Mexico are called, "carrocerias".]

I mentioned to Pete and Jimena that I was looking for a body shop, and they told me that there was a really good one that opened up recently located along the highway to their home. "It's the place with the giant yellow door gates", they told me.

I stopped there yesterday, and talked to Panchito, the father of the owner of the shop. Panchito told me that his son would be here today at 6am. The son's name is also Panchito. Hmmmm? We are going this morning to talk to Panchito about making MsTioga cherry again!

2PM - Over at Pete's place
Panchito at the body shop quoted a price of 2500 pesos [$250US] to do the repairs on MsTioga. It will take two days to do that work. So, I am going to be staying at Pete & Jimena's place while the body work is being done.

I will be the first guest at Pete & Jimena's guest hacienda. There is no bed there. Sunday afternoon I'll move my mattress from MsTioga into the hacienda so that I'll have a place go sleep.

Monday morning around 8am, MsTioga gets driven over to Panchito's body shop.

Hazy blue sky