Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Breaking stuff

8:30AM - Breaking stuff!
It is a constant source of amazement to me that stuff around MsTioga keeps on breaking.

Recently I have been receiving emails from Reader Phil who is certain that MsTioga has electrical grounding problems. A little while ago I went to check out a few things that Phil wrote about. I had to remove a couple of our computer workstation desk panels in order to do this checking. Upon removing the left panel, I was shocked to see that our big inverter had broken loose from its mounting and now was lying askew. Fortunately, none of the electrical cabling to the inverter was under stress or had broken due to the inverter moving.

I went outside to open our big sliding drawer to get some tools and got another shock! The latch that keeps the sliding drawer in place while MsTioga is driving had somehow broken the latch board!
Broken inverter mounting

Broken latch board

1:30PM - Repairs completed!
The big Heart Interface inverter/charger was moved back into position. Only one of the support boards is damaged, but this damaged board is still usable. Although this is a temporary repair, it will hold well enough for now.

The entire wood frame support for the computer workstation needs to be completely rebuilt. During the past nine years, rough roads have taken their toll. When we do this rebuild, the new Heart inverter supports will be much stronger.

Outside drawer repair
The latch board has been replaced. At a local lumber yard, we were lucky to find a board of the exact thickness required. The latch board's riser has to be the exact thickness of the cabinet's lip. The first latch board lasted 9 years. This one is a better design and should do a good job.
New latch board & remounted latch

5PM - Old clothing and hats to the church
Our regular Tequis Nite Camp is across the street from the Best Western Hotel. There is a very nice lady who lives nearby. Today I told her about my spring cleaning and all the clothing that I had to give away. I asked her, "Is there a place around here that could use old clothes?"

"Yes! My church would very much like to have your clothes" . She handed me a large plastic bag, and I returned to MsTioga to load up.

You may recall from yesterday's post, that David's two Indiana Jones hats are among the clothing that is being discarded. When I came to those hats, I put them aside and kept loading other clothing. Then when everything was loaded into the bag. I looked at those two hats!

Man-O-Man! That was a tough moment for me! But I picked up the hats and the bag of clothing and brought them into the lady's home. I told her that they were my Uncle's hats. I did not want to get into why I would be giving away my son's hats.

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