Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The City

4:30AM - Going to "The City"
The people of Guatemala call it simply, "The City". When somebody here tells you that they are going The City, it is Guatemala City that they are talking about.

This morning at 9AM, a micro-bus picks me up in front of Posada de Don Quijote. We will travel about 40km to Barcelo Hotel. As I understand it, this hotel used to be the Marriott. However, local hotel interests purchased the property, and it is now, Barcelo Guatemala City.

There is a giant hot tub here on the main floor next to the heated swimming pool. I guess that you know what that means! If you are dropping by to visit, look for me in the hot tub! 

8:30AM - Living out of a suitcase
Lots of people tell me that they hate hotels. Hate living out of a suitcase. Not me! I love to pack up my suitcase. Enjoy making everything fit inside. Sound crazy? Hmmmm?

When David died, he left behind an American Tourister rolling flight bag. It's a terrific bag. I always bought less quality stuff. David bought high quality. This American Tourister, is high quality. And maybe that's why I like to pack it so much.

Even the inside straps which hold clothing in place are perfect. So simple in design. Yet they hold clothes in place better than any other flight bag I've used.

10:30AM - Checked in!
We are checked into a lovely room at the Barcelo Hotel. The bathroom has a tub! And the tub has hot water. I am really going to use that tub!

The first thing that I'm going to do is buy some breakfast.

The second thing... head to the hot tub!
My room!

4PM - Little electric room heaters
I've mentioned to you that the Guatemala lifestyle does not usually include heating. Homes here generally do not have heaters. And, neither do hotels. However, we are staying in the fancy-schmancy Barcelo Guatemala Hotel. And although the air conditioner in our room does not provide heat, the hotel does have little electric room heaters.

I phoned the front desk:
"Would you please send up one of your electric heaters to my room?", I asked.

"Yes sir!. One will be sent right up."

Ahhhh, yes! It is soooooo nice to be pampered.
What a difference a little heater makes!

6PM - Buffet supper
I've just returned from the La Vista Restaurant on the main floor. The restaurant opens at 6pm. It is 5:45 right now.

There is a huge line of main course food items, too numerous to mention. A salad line. A desert line.

I am going to La Vista for supper tonite!
Pick and fry section of buffet line

7:30PM - Thinking about supper
While I was down in the restaurant, there were several people eating there with whom I spoke. We talked about how there was not even one person from Guatemala in the restaurant. Everybody was from the United States.

The reason was clear. It cost a fortune to eat at the La Vista Restaurant. 160 quetzales [$20.80US]. Most Guatemalans can't afford to even think about this place.

Partly cloudy