Friday, March 23, 2012

Davids blog

7AM - David's blog
A couple of days ago while I was staying over at Pete's home, he asked me why I still kept a link to my Son David's blog on my own blog page.

This is a good question. It's been about 18 months since David died. I have thought about removing the link. But it is a "pic/link". And that would mean removing David's face from my blog. I just am not ready for that yet.

I still have David's phone numbers listed in my Skype directory. And his emails remain in my email list. I do not know if I will ever remove them.

Do you do this kind of thing too?

Buenos dias, Señor!
Lately I've noticed that when people here in Mexico greet me in the morning, they add "Señor" after the greeting. For example when I am taking my morning walk they will say to me, "Buenos dias, Señor" instead of the usual, "Buenos Dias".

Is this just a coincidence? Or did something happen to me to cause this greeting change?

It must be that I now look older to these people! Hmmmm?

12 Noon - Pete & Jimena's movie
This morning MacBook and I have been editing Pete & Jimena's movie which will attempt to show all the many features of their lovely home.

The first thing we had to do, was to convert the videos from the AVI format that New Mavicita produced to the WMV format that Windows Movie Maker uses. This was not too difficult. There are many converters to be found on the net.

After loading these videos and the still pics into Movie Maker, we see that we will need more pics of the garden in the front yard. So, we phoned up Jimena using Skype to find out if they will be home.

It is amazing that all of this video editing and Skype phoning can be done using a computer and the net.

Clear sky