Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do it

6AM - Do it!
MsTioga and I do not figure stuff out. When we want to do something, we just do it. Then when stuff comes up, we figure it out.

Before MsTioga and I actually met, I had wanted to be an RVer. But, I believed that I did not have enough money to do the RV life. So, I didn't do it. However, after I got cancer and was going thru chemotherapy, I realized that maybe my chance at being an RVer had vanished forever! Just because I was fearful of not having enough money to do the RV life, now I would NEVER be able to do it. Because now I had cancer and would probably die.

Well, right there and then I decided that if ever I got cured of this cancer, that I would buy an RV and go out and do the RV life. I would not worry about money. I would not worry about anything. I would just do it. And figure things out along the way.

And that's what MsTioga and I are all about. Just doing stuff and then figuring it out. Look how far we have come because of just "Doing It!".

8AM - Working out
Just "doing it" is what is happening regarding my working out at the gym. I know now that I really need to do exercise. But I am a vagabond. Moving around from place to place. How does a vagabond work out at the gym when moving around all the time?

I decided to just join a gym and figure out how to adapt my vagabond lifestyle later on.

It takes me about 1-hour to do my entire exercise routine. I've been to the gym only two times, and feel much stonger already. As you may see in the pic below, I am starting off with low weights.
Starting off with only 2.5 kg

11AM - Vagabonding forever!
MsTioga and Team are heading over to Pete and Jimena's place to visit. We stopped along the road a bit passed Pueblo La Tortuga, for breakfast. As I set the breakfast table, it suddenly came to me how wonderful this vagabonding life really is. A vagabonder can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Vagabonders have got it made!

Suddenly my eyes are clear, and my vision of my future perfect. Friends and fellow RVers! You are going to see something that you have never seen before. Yes!
Jorge's breakfast on-the-road

PS: You may have to be patient "to see something that you have never seen before". Things are changing, but not fast.

Very light clouds