Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Food taste

8AM - Mexican vs American food tastes
Ever since I began traveling in Mexico, I have been amazed at the differences between Mexican and American food tastes. First of all, most Mexican people love hot chili peppers in their food. But that is not all! Go into any panaderia [bakery], and you will see a huge variety of pastry that Mexican people love. But that pastry is sooooo different from what is found in American bakeries.

Take the donuts, for example. A raised donut in Mexico is sort of dry and although sweet, not too sweet. All over Mexico it is the same. A raised donut in an American bakery is gooey and amazingly sweet.

An enchilada in America is filled with cheese and sauces. In fact, American enchiladas are swimming in sauce. Mexican enchiladas are dry. Hardly any cheese. Sort of tasteless compared to American Tex-Mex.

Foreign Mexican restaurants
It is an amazing experience for me to go to foreign restaurants in Mexico. Does not matter where you go in Mexico, it is mostly the same. Take Chinese food restaurants in Mexico, for example. There are no Chinese people working in those Chinese restaurants. The people working in Chinese restaurants in Mexico are Mexicans, "dressed up to look like Chinese people!" Japanese restaurants in Mexico are the same. Mexican people dressed up to look like Japanese people.

The food in foreign Mexican restaurants is very much like the people working in those restaurants. It looks like Chinese food or Japanese food. But it is NOT Chinese or Japanese food. In fact, Sushi restaurants in Mexico have invented a whole new kind of food that the Mexicans believe is sushi. But this food is not even close to being sushi.

Most Mexican people do not have a taste for "wasabi" [green colored Japanese horseradish]. Most Mexican/Japanese sushi restaurants just do not offer wasabi anymore! But Mexican people "love" creamcheese. So, sushi rolls in Mexico are filled with creamcheese. In fact, many Mexican/sushi restaurants offer ONLY these kinds of creamcheese filled sushi rolls and have not a clue what nigiri-sushi is.

Speaking about nigiri-sushi. As you may know if you lived in Japan or America, the rice used for nigiri-sushi is special. Light, sticky and extremely flavorful. It takes special knowledge and experience to prepare this rice. And special knowledge and experience to hand form the rice. In Mexico, rice is rice. I have received a nigiri-sushi that was 4" long with a huge slice of fish on top! The rice just fell apart.

In fact, I can make the generalization that Mexican restaurants that serve hamburgers, pizza, sushi, pasta. Hardly any of them "really" understand these foods. What they serve are imitation foreign foods.

Whoops! I am being terribly judgmental with today's post!

12:30PM - Tx Wash
I walked up the street from MsTioga's Day Camp next to the Best Western Hotel heading for a new burger joint that opened recently called, "La Fogata". However, this burger joint is only open from Thursday thru Monday. We will come back to try La Fogata. Maybe tomorrow!

Right next to the burger joint is a car wash. I walked in and asked the only fellow working the car wash how much to wash MsTioga. He told me, "150 pesos". Hmmmm? I told him that I would drive over in a few minutes. [150 pesos = $12US]

This car wash is called, "Tx Wash", and actually is only a lot with a concrete pad. There is water and a electric here. But no power washing equipment. The fellow who will wash MsTioga, told me "puro de mano" [hand washed]. Frankly, this young man looks like a boy to me. But people begin working full time in Mexico at a young age, so who knows?.
La Fogata - the burger joint

Tx Wash

Blue sky