Monday, March 05, 2012

Guatemala camping

6AM - Guatemala camping
Have you wondered about camping in an RV here in Guatemala? With all of my years of wonderful experiences camping in United States and Mexico, I think of that too.

A couple of days ago when we went exploring in the hills above Quetzaltenango, we came across several great camp spots. Places with flat sites and wonderful distant views.

Being up in those hills really sparked my imagination! If I found a place like this one in the pic below in the United States, I would be camping here with MsTioga. There are even little grocery stores up here for buying supplies during an extended stay.

However, I am older now. Although the spirit adventure still is strong inside me, it is easier using micro-buses to travel around Guatemala and hotel rooms for sleeping.
View from a wonderful campsite in the hills above Quetzaltenango

9AM - A date with Paul
Reader Susan has been wanting me to meet with her friend Paul who lives in Guatemala. Susan believes that the two of us have things in common. And that such a meeting would be a very good thing.

You may know that I rarely do meetings such as this. Preferring chance meetings, rather than arranged meetings. However, Susan's emails containing exciting advice convinced me that meeting with Paul would be a good thing.

So, Paul and I are getting together this morning at 9am at Doña Luisa's Restaurante in el centro de Antigua Guatemala. I will be wearing a blue short sleeve shirt and Paul described himself as tall, and 80 years old. Needed info to spot each other!
Paul Philippi
50+ year resident Antigua Guatemala

Paul and I have led very different lives, although we have some intriguing similarities. We are both driven people, having very clear destiny.

Paul has been a missionary here in Guatemala for over 1/2 century.

Paul's goal: To help people answer the question: "Am I going to heaven?" In fact, Paul left me a pamphlet/quiz so that I might answer this question myself.

My goal: To achieve my values [link].

4PM - Banana split
There are sooooo many Sarita Ice Cream stores in Antigua Guatemala. I've decided to go to one now.  Before it gets too late. Wouldn't want to ruin my appetite for supper!

New Mavicita is going with to capture the Banana Split just before consumption [Be back soon!]
Banana split
18 quetzales [$2.34US]

Sarita Ice Cream Store

Partly cloudy