Friday, March 09, 2012


6AM - A heater by my side!
There were many mornings in Guatemala when I sure missed having Mr. Wave6 by my side [link]. Why do Guatemala's people live without heat? I sure do not know. But as I sit here inside MsTioga typing this post to you, I am glad that there is a heater by my side!

10AM - Better to burn out-than to fade away!
Now this is just my opinion. So, take it with a grain of salt. This trip was a bit hard on me. It was a surprise to find that I was not in good physical shape. My feet and legs were really sore for about a week after arriving in Guatemala. Apparently, I had not been doing much exercise for awhile. Not even walking! I had this crazy idea in my head, that it was good for me to cut back on the physical now that I had passed my 74th birthday.

Well, I have changed my mind on that subject. You may have read in yesterday's post that I joined a gym here in the Town of Tequisquiapan. It's called, Itzel Gym. It costs 250 pesos [$20US]/month to belong. Isn't that a good price for a gym?

Yesterday evening I went for my first workout. There are two coaches on the gym floor, and they did not let me just go off to workout by myself. When I picked up a dumb bell, Coach Edgar suggested, "You should warm up first on the stationary bicycle". And he walked me over and instructed me how to use the bike.

I've worked out in gyms before. So I know about this stuff. But I was very appreciative of how the coaches, kept looking after me. Coach Eloye worked with me on each exercise. I began at 7pm and ended at 8:30pm. By then I was thru. However, this morning I am not suffering with beginning exercise soreness. I am so happy about that!

3PM - Income tax
I just completed preparing my federal 1040 income tax forms. I have to file these forms because of receiving income from Google Adsense. What a pain it is preparing these forms.

I really do not know what I am doing. Just following what I did last year, and hoping that I have not made any mistakes.

When going to print out these 1040s, my almost new HP D110 printer failed. It would not power up! Examining the power cord, one of the connectors apparently fell out! It's not there. So, I'll have to find a replacement cord or print out using a printer from another person.

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