Friday, March 02, 2012


7AM - They don't believe in heaters!
Have you noticed that people in Mexico and Guatemala do not believe in heaters? People in these countries must be made of strong stuff. I would soooooo much love to have a heater in my hotel room right now.

I've wrapped myself up in my warmest clothing including my stocking style sleeping cap. And now I am doing pretty good, except for my feet. Which are always on the cold side. The cold comes right thru the tile floor, passes thru my house slippers and chills the feet. Poor things!

Below in our weather thingy, you see the temperature at 54°F. That temperature comes from the internet, because we do not have our own weather thermometer here in Guatemala. But when I stuck my nose out the hotel door a little while ago, it sure felt like 54°F.

My hotel room door leads to an outdoor balcony with a clear view of the sky over Quetzaltenango. In fact, there is an outdoor stairway just a few feet away that leads to the hotel's roof. I was up on the roof twice yesterday, just looking around at the view!

11AM - Restaurante Albamar
We are now in the very lovely Restaurante Albamar with Ensalada de Frutas on the table to eat. Water melon, orange, banana, cantaloupe, mango; all very nicely sliced up. Also, a big portion of strawberry jello.

Interesting music plays lightly in the background. A very high ceiling with a huge skylight illuminates the room. Customers our eating and chatting all around me. Wow!

After leaving Restaurante Albamar, we walked around the adjacent Central Park and New Mavicita captured these pics to share with you.
Central Park near Restaurante Albamar

This classic old building is located across from Central Park.  The little taco stand with the hog on top that we told you about yesterday is at the far end of the building.

12 Noon - Adrenalina Tours
We found our way to the office of Adrenalina Tours by following the address in a brochure that we picked up from this company. We made a reservation for a tour tomorrow morning, March 3rd, described as "Indigenous Villages".

However, I then noticed by reading the tour description, that a major portion of the tour was not available on weekends. Darn! Anyway, we are NOT going on this "Indigenous Villages" tour. Included was a visit to the volcano heated pools where I was planning to soak in the hot water. Oh well!

We did make a shuttle bus reservation for a ride from Xela to Antigua on Sunday Morning, March 4th. The plan is to remain in Antigua for a couple of nites and than return to Guatemala City on Tuesday morning, March 6th. My airplane flight from Guatemala City to Mexico City takes off on Wednesday morning, March 7th.
Brochure telling of "no factory" on weekends

8PM - Big fair in Xela
There is a big fair going on in the Central Park area. Locals playing all sorts of games, similar to ones you find at a circus. People squished together. Not enough room to walk thru the isles of these games.

We got lost on the way back to the hotel. Had to back track several blocks to find our way home.

Clear sky