Saturday, March 24, 2012

Movie changes

7AM - Movie changes
The storyboard for the movie about Pete & Jimena's home that I have in my head included videos and still pics. When I showed an unedited video of the movie to Pete yesterday, he made an excellent suggestion! "Why don't you use only still pictures, and not use videos? There is nothing moving in your videos."

That is exactly what I'm going to do. This morning MsTioga and I are heading out to Pete & Jimena's home again in time for the morning sun to give New Mavicita the right light. We need to re-shoot pics of the front of their home. Also, an interior pano-pic of the kitchen needs a re-shoot.

Have you ever made a video? Hmmm? They are really a lot of fun to make. We use Microsoft's old version of Movie Maker. This old version really is a wonderfully easy way to produce videos. So intuitive! [link]

2PM - Comida China in Amealco
Jimena said, "Lets go to Amealco for Chinese food!" Both Pete and I thought this to be a fantastic idea!

So, we climbed in the car and headed out for Amealco. I ordered garlic shrimp. Jimena beef with vegetables and Pete ordered sesame seed chicken.
Amealco Chinese Restaurant

My garlic shrimp

A few clouds