Friday, March 30, 2012

Mr Datastorm

9AM - Shipping Mr. Datastorm
You may have read in yesterday's post, that we are asking for help in getting Mr. Datastorm to California. And, you may be wondering why Mr. Datastorm doesn't simply stay on MsTioga's roof on our trip back north.

This is a very good question! You see, Pete and I were talking over the past week about our decision to return to California. Why do we want to go back there? The answer to that question is, "To do a bunch of maintenance things to MsTioga." Take a peek at our 2012 Trip Plan to get a better idea what this is all about.

Both Pete & I  agreed, that it is MUCH less expensive to do all of this maintenance work here in Mexico. Mechanic labor in Mexico costs a fraction of labor in the USA. Also, a round trip from Tequisquiapan to San Diego, California would cost a minimum of $2,000 in gasoline alone. And there would be wear and tear of this 3,500 mile trip.

One last but very important thing. We are heading into the months where MsTioga wants to be in the highlands of Mexico in order to not be overwhelmed by summer heat and humidity. That is exactly where we are right now, here in Tequisquiapan.

So! Back to the challenge of getting Mr. Datastorm to California. What we want to do with Mr. Datastorm, is give him to our friend and Motosat Dealer, Steve O'Bosky. However, it appears that shipping costs will be well over $1,200US! That is why we are asking for help in doing this shipping.

If we cannot find somebody who is willing to take Mr. Datastorm from Tequis to San Diego, maybe we can find somebody who will come to Tequis and receive Mr. Datastorm as a gift.

So, now you know the extent of the Mr. Datastorm challenge. Any ideas? Hmmmm?

12 Noon - BBQ chicken sandwich
This morning we camped near the Bardol auto repair shop here in Tequis. MsTioga has gone for repairs at this shop before, and found the mechanics to be knowledgeable and very thorough. Using our Auto Maintenance Pro software, we made a list of things to be done. MsTioga has an appointment for Monday morning.

After leaving Bardol, MsTioga was driving down the highway thru Tequis. We remembered the chicken place that Jimena had recommended. Jimena told me that this chicken place sold, "Pollo Jugosito" [Juicy Chicken]. So, we stopped and bought a BBQ chicken.

We made an Afternoon Camp behind the Soriana store, and I prepared a BBQ chicken sandwich!
My BBQ sandwich lunch

4PM - Blood pressure
You may recall that I visited my cardiologist Dr. Espinoza last Tuesday, March 27th. At that appointment, Dr. Espinoza prescribed Tenoretic 50/12.5 for blood pressure control. However, when the doctor took my blood pressure in his office, it was 110/70. I wondered then if I even needed blood pressure medication anymore with this blood pressure reading. But I did not tell the doctor of this concern.

Anyway, I began taking Tenoretic, and have taken three daily doses so far. Lately I noticed that my urine stream is very small. And this is one of the side effect warnings for Tenoretic.

I phoned Dr. Espinoza this afternoon and informed him of my current blood pressure and reduced urine stream. I asked to stop taking this medication, and he OK'd me stopping. I am to call him if I have any symptoms, or if my blood pressure reading changes.

My weight has reduced quite a bit over the past two years. I used to weigh 187 lbs. Now I weigh 172 lbs. Could it be that my reduced weight has affected my blood pressure?

Never a dull moment!

Mostly cloudy