Thursday, March 08, 2012


7:30AM - Heading back to MsTioga!
Guess who has been waiting patiently for us to return since we left for our adventure in Guatemala? Wow! It's MsTioga, our wonderful home of homes!

In a few minutes New Mavicita, MacBookPro Computer, and I will catch a taxi outside of the Hampton Inn and travel to the Mexico Norte Bus Station, which is maybe 6km distant. Then we will catch the 9:15am ETN Bus back to MsTioga! About a 3 hour trip.

See you when we are back in Tequisquiapan!
Mexico is really BIG on modern buses!

12 Noon - Tequisquiapan
Just past noon, we arrived in Ciudad Tequisquiapan. Caught a taxi and made the short trip back to where MsTioga and the rest of the team have been waiting for us. Wow! Is everybody happy!!

First thing to do was reconnect MsTioga's electrical system. The house and starter battery were disconnected for the Guatemala trip. Also, the solar panel incoming voltage was disconnected at the battery charge controller. As soon as all of the power was restored, Mr. Levelers was able to come back down. He was left tilted so that rain would run off MsTioga's roof.

Then came Mr. Dometic's turn for starting up. We turned on the propane gas and lit up one of MsTioga's stove burners in order to get gas back into the line. After Mr. Dometic was turned on, it took a couple of minutes for his pilot to start the burner up. But that is normal. The freezer is cooling down nicely. It will take a few hours for the cold to come down to the fridge.

We are plugged into Art Barker's house electric system in order to bring Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank to a full charge.

Everything is looking great with MsTioga!
George and Tioga-together again!

2PM - Bodega Aurrera
Since Mr. Dometic our refrigerator has been resting during our Guatemala Adventure, it was time to fill him up again. Well, not completely filled up. We bought some fish for tonite's supper. Vegetables and fruits. Eggs. Fruits. Milk. Enough to get by thru tomorrow morning's breakfast.

By the way, Mr. Dometic is doing pretty good so far. His fridge temperature is down to 55°F.

5PM - Joined a gym!
When I first arrived in Guatemala, I had to walk a lot. Do you remember how my legs and feet were soooo sore! However, after a few weeks of walking around Guatemala a lot, my legs and feet were doing fine.

I decided at that time that I was neglecting my physical side. My body needs exercise. Even a 74 year old guy needs exercise! Right?

So, I just joined the Itzel Gym here in Tequisquiapan. After supper tonite, I am going for my first workout. I'll begin with very light weights, being careful not to hurt my unused muscles. The monthly charge for Itzel Gym is 250 pesos [$20US]. When I go on trips, such as the Guatemala trip, my membership will be suspended.

Partly cloudy