Sunday, March 18, 2012

Next three days

7AM - The next three days
The next three days will be filled with events which alter and illuminate our times. And you will be there! [I've always wanted to write those words from Walter Cronkite's "You Are There" series!]

Anyway, MsTioga is going to the body shop tomorrow. She will be getting her right side repaired. It seems that I focus on MsTioga's right side when I bash into things. Her left side needs paint repairs, but no bashed-in repairs.

While MsTioga is in the body shop, I will be staying at Pete and Jimena's home! They built a casita [small home] for guests. And I will be their very first guest! The casita was completed only a few weeks ago, and is unfurnished. I was planning on bringing my mattress from MsTioga and just set it in on the floor for my bed. However, Pete and Jimena went out yesterday and bought a mattress and frame which should be delivered this afternoon! Wow!

Another thing that we plan to do is shoot a video to update you on Pete & Jimena's home. You may recall that we hung out with Pete for many weeks watching the construction. Now, we want to let you in on how their finished home turned out.
MsTioga's biggest bash
Right rear near the ladder

Pete's home construction videos
While Pete's home was under construction in 2010, Little Mavicita shot three videos interviewing Pete.

We wanted to learn why he and Jimena picked Tequisquiápan for their place to live. Also, we wanted Pete to tell us about Mexican home construction, costs to build and live in Mexico, stuff like that.

Blue sky