Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Old hats

5AM - Old hats
This morning I cleaned out three of MsTioga's bedroom cabinets. Threw out a bunch of stuff. That is where I kept two of David's old hats. These are Indiana Jones hats. David got a kick out of wearing an Indiana Jones leather jacket and the hat that goes with it.

I put the two hats in the pile of stuff to take to a thrift store. It's time for me to let go of those hats.

I am keeping David's Indiana Jones leather jacket. It fits me perfectly! Also, I bought an Indiana Jones style hat for myself. One that fits me. David's hats were a bit snug on my head.
David and his hat

8:30AM - Dr. Ricardo Espinoza
You may recall that Dr. Espinoza is my cardiologist. Today I went for an appointment to see the doctor. I have no complaints. I am seeing the doctor because I have not visited him since August, 2010.

The doctor gave me an electrocardiogram. There is some change in my echo readings. I'm returning for a 2nd electrocardiogram on April 10th so that comparisons may be made.

My blood pressure today is 110/70. This compares to 150/90 in June, 2009 at my first appointment with Dr. Espinoza. Apparently my blood pressure medication has worked for me. I was taking Biconcor 5.00/6.25. But Biconcor is not available lately. So, the doctor changed my medication to Tenoretic 50/12.5.

12 Noon - Gorditas de Bernal
As most people who live around here will agree, the best gorditas are made in a restaurant located in the Town of Bernal. Do you know what is a Gordita? In Spanish gordita means "chubby". But a gordita is also a thick tortilla. In Bernal they have perfected the gordita and make it out of blue corn. Which is soooo good.

Here in the City of Tequisquiapan, a restaurant recently opened named "Gorditas de Bernal". What many do not know is that Gorditas de Bernal is actually an offshoot of the very same famous restaurant. Each morning two ladies from Bernal load up a van with food from this famous restaurant and drive 33km in less than one hour to reach this new restauarant in downtown Tequisquiapan.

I went to eat lunch at Gorditas de Bernal. The gorditas are wonderful, just like in Bernal! One gordita was filled with carne adobada and the second gordita had frijoles.
Gorditas de Bernal
Center of Tequisquiapan

My gorditas cooking

My gordita waiting to be eaten

Clear sky