Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Painting day

5AM - Painting day
Today is MsTioga's painting day. Pete, Jimena and I will drive to Panchito's Body Shop this morning at 8am and I'll move MsTioga into the shed area where they do the painting.

As you may see from yesterday's pics, MsTioga's repairs are looking pretty good!

11AM - San Miguel de Allende
Pete and Jimena have an appointment this morning at their tax lady's office in San Miguel. I am going with them for this trip.

After the tax lady, we plan to go out to a fancy/schmancy restaurant in San Miguel. I don't remember the name of this restaurant. But Pete told me it's the best food in Mexico!

1PM - Hecho en Mexico
After the meeting with their tax lady, Pete, Jimena and I headed out walking toward Hecho en Mexico, the restaurant that I told you about before. We did not see even one customer in the restaurant who did not look like an ex-pat from the USA!

Pete and I ordered "Dedos de Pollo" [fried chicken fingers]. Jimena ordered Fajitas de Arrachera". The food was very good. And, there was lots of it too! After the meal, we shared a large piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top! [388 pesos=$31US]
Jorge, Jimena & Pete
Hecho en Mexico Restaurant

5PM - Back in Tequisquiápan
It's a 170 mile round trip from Tequisquiápan to San Miguel de Allende. Not bad for me, because I got to nap during the trip. But for Jimena who did much of the driving, it was tiring.

When we arrived back in Tequisquiápan, we stopped at Panchito's Body Shop. The cream color is completely painted. So is the dark brown stripe. All that remains is the bottom grey color which Panchito was just getting ready to paint.

We plan to pick up MsTioga tomorrow morning.