Monday, March 19, 2012

Panchito body shop

9AM - Panchito's Body Shop
Pete and Jimena drove to Panchito's Body Shop along with MsTioga and myself. Panchito is going to do body repairs on MsTioga's hood and along the entire right side of MsTioga.

Jimena interpreted between myself and Panchito. Although my Spanish is OK, it is not perfect. Easy to mis-communicate. So Jimena's help is very valuable.

Panchito has estimated two days to do this body work. However, we are figuring close to three days. Cost is going to be 2500-3500 pesos [$200US - $280US].
Panchito the body guy

5PM - Time with Pete
During the day, Pete and I spent a lot of time talking about philosophical things. Our progress thru life. Stuff like that.

In the late afternoon we watched an interesting documentary about India on the TV.

What a pleasant day here in Tequisquiápan!
Late afternoon at Pete & Jimena's

Blue sky