Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pete Jimena home

8:30AM - Pete & Jimena's home
Remember when we promised you a video of Pete & Jimena's completed home?

Well, we changed our collective minds about doing this via a video. And decided to present their home this way!

6PM - Washing MsTioga MsTioga and I spent much of today with Pete & Jimena. When you visit in Tequisquiapan, and go to Pete & Jimena's home, you will find out why I like to go there soooo much! Anyway, we headed back to the center of Tequis and decided to visit Tx Wash, the car wash that is right next door to La Fogata, the burger store. You may recall the first time we visited here. I told you about the one employee who works here [link]. He is only 16 years old and has been at Tx Wash for one year. His name is Erneto and he has complete responsibility for running the wash. This means giving quotes for cleaning big RVs, such as MsTioga. It costs 150 pesos [$12US] to wash the exterior including vacuuming and cleaning the front of MsTioga.
Erneto - Manager of Tx Wash

11PM - Shipping help We need help to ship our Mr.Datastorm from the State of Queretaro in Mexico to the State of California. Are you able to help us?.

75°F Lotsa clouds