Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pete Jimena

7AM - Pete and Jimena
Because of my close relationship with Pete and Jimena, I'm in contact with the ex-pat community here in the City of Tequisquiapan. [By the way, it is pronounced teh-keys-kee-AH-pahn].

Yesterday afternoon I went over to Pete and Jimena's home. When I got there, ex-pats Richard and Marta were there and and Richard was busy taking pics of the flowers in the garden. Richard loves flowers and photography.

Jimena informed me, "You invited to go out to eat 'comida corrida" [a lunch meal with 2-3 courses at a fixed price]. "Noami and Michael are going with us", Jimena added.

That's how things are over at Pete and Jimena's. Always busy and doing stuff. I like that a lot!
Noami, Michael, Jorge, Pete, Jimena [L-R]

9AM - Going shopping
Yesterday evening Jimena said to me, "We're going shopping at Home Depot in San Juan del Rio. You want to come with us?" Of course I replied, "Yes!" Because I love to go shopping. Especially shopping with Pete and Jimena. Because they are usually shopping for additions to their new home. And I love that kind of shopping.

The Town of San Juan del Rio is larger than Tequisquiapan, and located about 20 minutes to the south. There are bigger stores in San Juan than in Tequis, and more stores too.

PS: Last nite MsTioga camped in front of Pete & Jimena's home. That is where we are right now. This is the very wonderful thing about RV life. Wherever you go, that's where home is located!

PPS: Turned out that we went to Queretaro, NOT San Juan del Rio. We all feasted on the special big hot dog at CostCo!

Some clouds