Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stick vs RV

10AM - Stick vs RV homes
Have I written about Stick vs RV homes before? Hmmmm? Wow! I don't even remember. But the subject has been on my mind lately. I have to tell you though, that from my perspective and experience, RV's are the giant winner in such a comparison.

And if I am correct about this comparison, why is this so? Well, here is the thing! When folks get older, their world begins to contract. Older folks pull in their horns. Travel less. Stick in one place. And if such a person is living in a stick home, won't they be living a less exciting life as their years roll by?

Now, let's think about the RV home folks. Don't the same things apply for them as well? Could be! But maybe not. People have a tendency to be habitual. If an RV person moves around, they should continue to move around even when they get older. I know that this is how it is for me.

For us on the TiogaRV Team, moving around = excitement!

11AM - Moving around
Last nite MsTioga and I Nite Camped across from the Best Western here in Tequisquiápan. Best Western's WiFi was particularly strong last nite, and we watched a neat movie, "Rescue Dawn" starring Christian Bale [link]. [Note: Get rid of the "ad" in the middle of the screen. The movie will stream much better! ]

This morning we moved to one of our favorite places in Tequisquiápan. Behind the Soriana Grocery Store. Looking out of MsTioga's window from this camp, we see that the waters of Centennial Lake are at a high level. Higher than in recent years. Tequisquiápan has gotten a lot of rain this winter.

We have shared the view in the pic below with you many times. We never tire looking at this view. Maybe you do not mind seeing it once more too?
The waters of Centennial Lake

3PM - Heading to the gym
I've spent much of this morning on the net doing research about financial stuff. Then in the afternoon, catching up on sleep that I missed last nite.

Now I'm heading over to the gym to workout. On the way to the gym, MsTioga wants to stop by the Pemex gas station to fill up her fresh water tank. Sounds good to me!

5:15PM - One hour workout!
It takes about an hour to complete my workout routine, which has 10 exercises. This afternoon I added a leg machine. My legs are my weakest part. Sometimes I have trouble going up the 18"+ high sidewalks that are found occasionally in Mexico.

Mostly blue