Thursday, March 15, 2012


11AM - Taxes
I'm tardy making my blog post this morning. Spent a lot of time getting a handle on tax withheld from dividends. Apparently, when a person invests in a foreign company that pays dividends, a portion of the dividend is withheld and paid to the foreign country. Isn't that something? Hmmmm?

It seems that an American tax payer is able to get back some or all of that withholding by claiming a Foreign Tax Credit on IRS Form 1116. TurboTax provides this form. So I will be using Form 1116 to get back my withheld dividends when I file my income taxes next year.

Question about taxes?
Wouldn't it be easier if all government income was obtained from sales tax? Instead of income tax and all the myriad of other taxes?

1PM - La Fogata Hamburgers
This afternoon we are at La Fogata, a new hamburger store that opened in Tequisquiapan two months ago. The owner of the store is named, "Cuco Garcia". Cuco is a retired engineer who worked for 28 years at Delphi, the former automotive parts company for General Motors.

When Cuco was a boy, his parents used to bring him to Tequisquiápan. So, when Cuco and his wife retired, they knew of the serenity of Tequis. And they decided to retire here. But Cuco had always wanted a business of his own. So, he opened up "La Fogata", which in Spanish means The Flame.

You may know that I was in the burger business myself from 1982 to 1989. And I believe that I spent enough time in-the-business to know a good burger when I find one. Cuco's "La Fogata" burgers are not only good! They are terrific burgers. Perhaps among the best in all of Mexico!

Cuco buys sirloin steak and has it ground special for his business. His pattys are hand formed. The burgers are cooked Al Carbon on a charcoal fired grill. Can it get better than that? Hmmmm?
La Fogata in Tequisquiápan

Cuco waiting on customers

Clear sky