Saturday, March 17, 2012


8AM - Recharging Banda Ancha problems
Our WiFi stick, called Banda Ancha [Wide Band], has problems. When we recharge it [buy time], the time that we buy does not stick. Somehow, the online balance gets screwed up.

Also, we do not get the proper credit balance at the beginning. We are supposed to get 5GB and get only 3GB.

So, this morning we are going to the local Telcel office here in Tequisquiápan to get everything straightened out.

9AM - San Juan del Rio
While asking for directions to Telcel in Tequisquiapan, I learned that the Telcel office here is not open for servicing customers. I'm going to have to go to the Telcel office in San Juan del Rio, about 10 miles to the south.

We went online and found the address to the Telcel office in San Juan. The Telcel location in San Juan is now programmed it into our Garmin Nuvi GPS. MsTioga is heading down there now.

Note: While walking in the street in Tequis a few minutes ago, my shoe snagged on a street brick that was slightly raised, and I tumbled into the street. Tore my pants at the knee. I just hate falling down!

12 Noon - Banda Ancha upshot!
After talking and talking and talking to the people at the Telcel office, I finally got transferred to a lady who was able to explain what is going on.

Apparently there are TWO balances on the Telcel website. One balance shows how much money is in my account. The other balance shows how many gigabytes have been used and the balance GB remaining.

This lady happened to know where the GB balance is located on Telcel's website. Lucky for me!

There are actually two money balances. One balance is named "Balance Friend", and is the money available for conversion into gigabytes of bandwidth.  When a customer buys [recharges] their Banda Ancha, the money paid increases Balance Friend. When you want to use Balance Friend, you convert it to gigabytes.

Does this sound bit complicated? Maybe it is!

The other balance is called "Balance Gift". And I believe that this balance may be used in Telcel's promotions. But I am not sure about that.

If you understand how "Balance Gift" [Saldo Regalo] may be used, please write to me and explain, OK?

1PM - La Fogata with the gang!
I've been telling everybody who will listen how great are the burgers at La Fogata. So, today 5 of us went down there to check La Fogata out.

Although New Mavicita did not take a pic of the gang, you may know some of these folks by name:
Pete, Jimena, Art Barker, Sara and myself [Jorge].

The burgers were great. Art Barker stated, "Best burger that I have ever eaten in Mexico!"

7PM - A wonderful gift
I've been given a wonderful gift. That gift is the perception to see how fantastic is my life. Even during my times of agony when I lost so much, that view of my life never left me.

My son David and I shared the love of stories, especially movie stories. One movie that we both loved a lot was, "Local Hero". Not a popular movie. But a movie that has beautiful music. Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits was engaged to write the music for "Local Hero". And what a miraculous job, Mark Knopfler did!

This evening I took a shower inside MsTioga. And while I was in the shower enjoying the pleasure of warm water, I listened to "Local Hero" music.

Please click [here] to listen the music that David and I loved.
April 20, 2005

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