Monday, March 12, 2012


10AM - Hurray for TurboTax!
I just filed my 2011 taxes with the IRS and used TurboTax to do it. Because of my Google AdSense business, my taxes are somewhat complicated. Soooo many schedules and forms. All needing to be linked together. Entering amounts in different locations. What a nightmare!
  • Schedule-C, Business Profit and Loss
  • Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses 
  • Form 8949, Sales of Capital Assets 
  • Schedule SE, Self Employment Tax
  • Form 1040, US Individual Tax Return
In only three hours, all of these forms have been completed. I can hardly believe it! And they have been all electronically filed with the IRS. My taxes have been paid. 

And, my taxes were "less" than last year when I did my taxes myself! Wow!

Beautiful Adobe PDF
One of the best things that I liked about filing taxes using TurboTax, is that after everything was completed, TurboTax downloaded onto my computer the entire set of 1040 schedules and forms in beautiful Adobe PDF. Adobe's forms look exactly like the actual 1040 forms. This set is the copy for my files.

There is even a page detailing all of the instructions for filing including a thank you letter! And, I received an email from TurboTax confirming that my taxes have been filed. In a few days, the IRS will send an acknowledgement too in a few days.

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