Monday, March 26, 2012

Video lavanderia

9AM - Video editing at lavanderia
This morning at a bit after 7am, MsTioga drove to the Zamiri Lavanderia here in the City of Tequisquiapan. We have a load of laundry to do! Zamiri does not open until 9am. But we have plenty to do while waiting!

It took about an hour for MacBook and Jorge to produce a rough cut of the video that we have named, "Pete & Jimena's Home". We just brought our laundry in to Zamiri. Now, we are off to show the video to Pete & Jimena.

We are sure that Pete or Jimena will want to make some changes to the video. When the video is ready, Pete will describe his home in an audio recording that will play with the video. When it's all done, we will publish the video on YouTube for you to see!

2PM - Plaza Hotel
Pete and Jimena sprayed the inside of the house for spiders and wanted to go away for awhile because of the odor. They invited me to go with them to the Plaza Hotel for lunch. Being not too hungry, I ordered a bowl of tortilla soup. Good flavor, but a bit spicy for me.

5PM - Maintenance on MsTioga
Yesterday while doing lighting maintenance on MsTioga, two of the rear clearance lights were found not working. The light bulbs were OK! We thought that we would have to buy new clearance lights.

We sprayed both light sockets with Caig DeOXit. After the Caig DeOXit worked, on the lights sockets overnite, the bulbs began working again. We love that Caig stuff [link].

Inverter story-Part 2
I believe that we told you that a couple of years ago we bought an Aims Pure Sine Wave 1000 watt inverter as a backup to the Heart Modified Sine Wave 1000 watt that has been in service since about 2004. We had problems with the Aims. Right after purchase it did not work and was returned to the factory for repairs.

When we got the Aims back from the factory, we did not use it right away. As I wrote, the Aims was bought to be a backup inverter.

One day several months ago, we decided to give the Aims a test. It worked terribly! Produced noise thru MsTioga's sound system. Also, our MacBook Pro's trackpad was jumpy when being powered by the Aims.

We decided to scrap the Aims inverter out, but did not ever trash the thing. Good thing too! A couple of days ago our old Heart Inverter died on us. We had no choice but to re-install the Aims Inverter.

What a surprise we had when the Aims now performed perfectly. No buzz in the sound system and MacBook's track pad is not jumpy anymore. Really weird!

Note: Read the original Inverter Story [here].

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