Thursday, March 22, 2012

Walk MsTioga

10AM - Walking to MsTioga
We spent a really nice morning schmoozing around with Pete & Jimena. I made myself a nice breakfast. Corn flakes, strawberries and banana. Pete made coffee. What a good time!

Now, it's time to pickup MsTioga at Panchito's Body Shop. I told Pete and Jimena that I'm walking to Panchito's place. It's only about a mile away.

Do you remember that I promised myself that I would walk more when I returned from the Guatemala trip?

11AM - Pics of paint job!
After leaving Panchito's Body Shop, we returned to Pete & Jimena's place. Then, New Mavicita took some pics of the finished work for you to see.

Panchito completed other repairs besides the pics below. MsTioga's hood had three places that were badly corroded and this corrosion was ground away, filled in and painted. Also, there was a bashed in place on MsTioga's cabover that was repaired.
Fender repair

Skirt & bumper repair

Rear corner repair

1PM - Why repair MsTioga?
You may be wondering why we would repair MsTioga? After all, MsTioga is now 21 years old. Why do body repairs on a 21 year old RV?

We spent $450US to repair MsTioga at Panchito's Body Shop. Isn't this like pouring money down the drain?

Well, to us on the TiogaRV Team, keeping MsTioga looking cherry is an essential part of our life. We take pride in how MsTioga looks. And we believe that MsTioga takes pride in her looks too!

Blue sky