Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Flood

8AM - The Great Flood!
Has Jorge led MsTioga and The TiogaRV Team into the path of a great disaster? There is talk among readers that our present camp is too close to a huge arroyo. When the Great Flood comes, will Tioga and The Team be washed away? Never to be heard from again? Hmmmm?

This morning New Mavicita and Jorge are putting on their hiking boots to go find out what's what! The daring duo plan to descend down to the flat-lands and hike around to the dangerous arroyo. Then, while in the path of danger, the courageous New Mavicita will take pics of MsTioga up at Hill Camp.

Perhaps by looking at these pics, we all may get some perspective of the danger we face from the coming Great Flood!

10AM - Back from the wilds!
Jorge and New Mavicita hiked off into the wilds not knowing what dangers lay ahead. Armed only with some kind of machete, the two intrepid souls marched on!
Heading into the wilds

We hacked a path thru the dense jungle, thorny branches reaching out from everywhere to do us in. But we made it thru! The first pic below is a view looking back at MsTioga from the north. The second pic below was taken while New Mavicita was standing in front of the plowed field, east of our Camp.
Do you see Tioga way up on the left?

Looking up at Tioga from the east
New Mavicita captured this pic right in front of the plowed field

5PM - Battery hold-down for Mr. Sunny
A couple of weeks ago we picked up a nice looking battery hold-down. Mr. Sunny, our noble solar electric system, has been complaining about his batteries get jostled when those bad topes show up unexpectedly.

Now, we are installing that hold-down. The cross-brace on this hold-down is made of rubber. So, the hold-down is somewhat adjustable and keeps constant pressure to hold the battery when we go over topes too fast. BTW, it is almost impossible to keep from going over a tope too fast. Very often the tope is not marked, difficult to see, and is placed in unexpected places [like the middle of a block].

If this battery hold-down works out, we plan to buy hold-downs for all of our batteries.
Ready to install hold-down
The hold-down is marked by red arrow

Hold-down installed

Clear blue sky