Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back in kitchen

8AM - Back in the kitchen again
Since returning from the Guatemala trip, I've been mostly eating out at restaurants. Now that the TiogaRV Team has found a home base, more time has been spent in the kitchen. Yesterday evening, a batch of baked chicken was prepared. In the past, we have always fried chicken. But that is messy and takes a long time. Much easier, we have found, to bake chicken.

This is the first time we have used Quaker Oats in the breading mixture. We like it!
Batch of baked chicken

9AM - Buying land
Tioga and I would like to share with you more about buying this land where we have been camping.
  • We have not yet been contacted by the lady who owns this land. Her daughter lives in the neighborhood. But the lady landowner lives in Ezequiel Montes, about 20 miles away. Apparently the family gets together at church today right here in Colonia Santellan where the land is located.  Our neighbor Terry told us that we would hear from this lady today.
  • We believe that the lady landowner will agree to sell this land. However, even if she does not wish to sell, Tioga and I are going to continue camping here. The land is located at the end of a very short dead end dirt road. We are camped on that road. Not on the land. 
  • We have come to feel very much at home at this camp site. We do not know why we feel like that. But, we do.
View of land from Tioga's front door
Do you see the border fence on the left?

5PM - What I like about a homebase
Before finding this homebase in Colonia Santellan [a suburb of Tequisquiapan], it was not clear to me what I was missing. The dirt road where Tioga is camping, is very quiet. Only a few cars each day enter this tiny road which is only about 50 meters long. Tioga and I are able to stay here all day long, and nobody bothers us. Yet, we are only about a 10 minute ride to the center of Tequis and all those restaurants and stores.

But the thing that I like most about this homebase, is that I do not feel any necessity at all to move. Tioga can stay here a day. Two days. A week. And it is fine with all of my neighbors. This means that I may concentrate on MsTioga's projects. And there are quite a few too!
  • Rebuild our computer workstation including its rear panel
  • Install tie down trays for Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank
  • Get into all of Tioga's nooks and crannies, in order to cull not needed stuff out and make each place neat and tidy
  • Just think about things. About the land purchase. New home design. The next journey to a foreign country.
I really like this place! There is time to do things here.

Time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at noon

View of MsTioga from the beginning of the road

Clear sky